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Vadico "Dancando Com Vadico" (Continental, 1956)
As far as I can tell, this 8-song set (an album of four 78s) was one of very few full-length albums released by samba-cancao composer/pianist Oswaldo Gogliano, aka "Vadico," who had gone abroad in the 1940s and who was most closely linked to samba-cancao great Noel Rosa. Also, as far as I can tell, this album was never re-released as either an LP or CD, so it's still pretty obscure. Sure am curious to hear it! Around the same time this came out, Vadico was working with singer Jorge Delphino Filho, who went by the stage name Zezinho, though I'm not sure if Zezinho is on here as well. Anyone know for sure?

Vadico "Dentro Da Noite" (Festa, 1959)

Vadico/Various Artists "Evocacao III" (Eldorado, 1979)
An all-star homage album, with gooey, overly "classy" MPB instrumentals highlighting the work of samba-cancao pianist Vadico, who worked steadily though the 1930s, '40s and '50s, before dying from a heart attack in 1962. I don't have enough familiarity with his work to know how representative these versions might be, but personally I find the sleek contemporary ('70s) production waaaay too syrupy for me. A couple of songs sound nice, like the piano solo "Choro Em Fa Menor" and the mellower "Chopp" (both performed by Amilton Godoy) but the more orchestrated numbers, with their drippy string arrangements, etc., too much for me. I'll pass.

Luis Vagner - see artist discography

Alceu Valenca - see artist discography

Marcos Valle - see artist discography

Assis Valente/Various Artists "Tributo A Assis Valente" (Atracao, 1998)

Assis Valente "100 Anos" (Revivendo, 2011)

Assis Valente & Noel Rosa "Dois Genios" (WEA Brasil, 2005)

Assis Valente/Various Artists "Nao Fez Bobagem - 100 Anos Se Alegria" (EMI, 2011)
A 2-CD set...

Geraldo Vandre - see artist discography

Ornella Vanoni/Vinicius De Moraes/Toquinho "La Voglia La Pazzia L'Incoscienza L'Allegria" (Warner Europe, 1976)
Cool Italian bossa nova... a surprisingly strong album! Italian pop singer Vanoni explores the Astrud Gilberto blase-bossa role, with sweet, symapthetic backing by the duo of bossa poet Vinicius De Moraes and guitarist Toquinho. She "gets it" better than you'd imagine, and this is a fascinating album, with Italian lyrics in place of the standard Portuguese. As usual, Vinicius and Toquinho turn in a solid performance -- it'd be difficult to imagine this sounding as groovy as it does had she gotten anyone else to back her up. Unusual and worth tracking down.

Ornella Vanoni "Argilla" (WEA, 1999)
Vanoni revists Brazilian themes on this more-modern disc... Not sure who's backing her here, but when I get a chance to check this out, I'll give you a full report.

Vanusa - see artist discography

Paulo Vanzolini - see artist discography

Gay Vaquer "Morning Of The The Musicians" (RCA Victor, 1972)
(Produced by Gay Vaquer)

A fairly taxing, frequently underwhelming free jazz/psychedelic art-rock album, featuring American-born Jay Anthony Vaquer (at the time married to Jane Duboc, who sings on here in English) along with several Braz-jazz luminaries, including pianist Luiz Eca, horn player Paulo Moura and bassist Novelli... It's authentic hippie-era musical excess, of historical interest but not something I'd put on just for fun. Prior to this album, Duboc was more in the background, singing in the bands of Erlon Chaves and rocker Raul Seixas... Vaquer and Duboc also had a son, rock'n'roller Jay Vaquer, who has several albums of his own.

Jay Vaquer "Nem Tao Sao" (2000)

Jay Vaquer "Raulzito" (Green Island, 2003)

Jay Vaquer "Vendo A Mim Mesmo" (EMI Brasil, 2004)

Jay Vaquer "Voce Nao Me Conhece" (EMI Brasil, 2005)

Jay Vaquer "Formidavel Mundo Cao" (EMI Brasil, 2007)

Jay Vaquer "Alive In Brazil" (Som Livre, 2009)

Jay Vaquer "Umbingobunker!?" (Lab 344, 2011)

Renato Vargas "O Som Do Barzinho" (Philips, 1998)
I'm sure Vargas is a bit of a lesser light in the novo bossa nova scene, but this live acoustic album, where he leads a singalong chorus through some of the best-beloved tunes in the Brazilian canon, is pretty darn nice. Not innovative, but beautiful. Here's his website.

Renato Vargas "O Som Do Barzinho, v.2" (Universal/Deck Disc, 1998)

Renato Vargas "O Som Do Barzinho, v.3" (Universal/Deck Disc, 1998)

Renato Vargas "O Som Do Barzinho, v.4" (Universal/Deck Disc, 2000)
(Produced by Joao Augusto & Pepe)

Another nice, thoroughly enjoyable volume in this curious series of singalong MPB albums. Vargas sings classics by Joao Bosco, Chico Buarque, Paulinho Da Viola, Tom Jobim and others, and the audience cheerfully sings along. Brazilian karaoke is, apparently, a participatory live event... Be kinda fun to go to one of these shows!

Renato Vargas "O Som Do Barzinho, v.5" (Universal/Deck Disc, 2000)
(Produced by Joao Augusto & Pepe)

I'm starting to really like these records... they're kinda silly, but they're fun!

Andre Vasconcellos "Observatorio" (Visom, 2004)
The solo debut of jazz bassist Andre Vasconcellos, who has backed top-tier MPB-ers such as Djavan, Rosa Passos and Simone...

Andre Vasconcellos "2" (Adventure Music, 2011)
(Produced by Andre Vasconcellos)

Sort of standard-issue jazz stuff, played by a mostly-Brazilian ensemble... Not sure that I hear much here that's particularly "Brazilian," but that could just be a result of my personal limitations.

Andre Vasconcellos "Ao Vivo" (AV Music, 2012)

Erasto Vasconcelos "Jornal Da Palmeira De..." (Tratore, 2005)

Nana Vasconcelos - see artist discography

Vava "Vava" (Sony, 2001)
The first solo album by singer Wagner Duarte, aka "Vava," of the Sao Paulo-based pagode-pop band, Karametade. Guess he also did some TV acting: he's movie-star pretty... haven't heard his records, though.

Vava "Vava" (Sony, 2002)

Vava "To Chegando" (Sony, 2001)

Vava "Vava Ao Vivo" (Sony, 2004)

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