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Welcome to my Brazilian Music Guide, which I started in 1998 and have built up steadily, with the help of many friendly record stores, fellow DJs, and from readers from across the world. The goal of this site is to steer people towards records that I think are good -- and warn them about some that I think are...*ahem*... not so good. I've tried to be as thorough as possible, providing discographies for numerous artists and reviewing as many albums as I could lay my hands on, and while I always have a backlog of stuff to get to, I plan to expand this site regularly, as time allows.

Keep in mind this is not necessarily a "fan" site: you might not agree with or like everything you read here. For one thing, my criteria are primarily musical, not literary. If I like the way something sounds musically, I'll recommend it. If the music sounds cheesy, I'll say so. This means I include plenty of critical reviews as well as positive ones, which may seem odd at first, but believe me -- if you can manage to avoid the lame albums, you'll enjoy the great ones even more. My apologies to fans of the Portuguese language who feel that the lyrics are everything when it comes to Brazilian music. I can see your point, but there are still some records that are more fun to listen to than others, and that's the approach I'm taking on this site.

Also, because of the unpredictability of internet software and browsers, different fonts and platforms and junk like that -- and because my HTML skills are so rudimentary -- I've decided to leave out all the diacritical marks -- schwas and accent marks and such -- that are integral to written Portuguese. I know that's completely lame, but I don't want some of you out there to wind up reading text that's full of squares and squiggles and quotation marks where vowels should be. Purists may avert their eyes.

Anyway, I hope this site is useful for you... I've had a lot of fun putting it together! It is my hope that as more people get interested in Brazilian music, the more readily available it will become, and the happier all our lives will become. I welcome any feedback, corrections, pointers or accolades that you would care to offer -- especially suggestions for albums you think I might like to check out. As ever, your recommendations are always welcome.

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