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Raphael Rabello - see artist discography

Rabo De Lagartixa "Rabo De Lagartixa" (Kuarup, 1999)

Rabo De Lagartixa "Quebra-Queixo" (Malandro, 2000)

Raca Negra - see artist discography

Raiz De Pedra "Trajetoria" (Editio Princeps, 1985)

Raiz De Pedra "Ao Vivo Em Porto Alegre" (1988) (LP)

Raiz De Pedra "Diario De Bordo" (Tip Toe, 1996)
With Egberto Gismonti...

Raizes Do Pelo "Raizes Do Pelo" (Paralelo, 1988)
Cool stuff... Like Ile Aye and Olodum, Raizes Do Pelo specialize in the seductive, loping rhythms of the Bahian Afro-Brasilian percussion style. Nice album, filled with familiar tunes from the late '80s scene.

Raizes Do Pelo "Samba Bahiana" (Interra, 1995)
A fine set of Afro-Brasilian percussion, reprising many of the most popular themes in the style... At first listen, the mix here may seem too muted and soft -- where is the thunder? -- but if you give this disc a few good listens, it'll really grow on you. The softer approach really lets some of the complexities and amazing cross-rhythms come through. This disc may now be hard to find, but it's certainly worth looking for... Recommended!

Elba Ramalho - see artist discography

Ze Ramalho - see artist discography

Vitor Ramil "Estrela, Estrela" (Polydor, 1981)

Raulzinho - see De Souza, Raul

Raulzito - see Raul Seixas

Soraya Ravenle with Galo Preto & Nelson Sargento "O Dono Das Calcadas" (2001)

Soraya Ravenle "Arco Do Tempo" (Biscoito Fino, 2011)

Recordando O Vale Das Macas "As Criancas Da Nova Floresta" (GTA, 1977) (LP)
The lone album from this '70s Brazilian prog-rock band...

Recordando O Vale Das Macas "1977-1982" (Musea, 2002)
This is a straight reissue of the 1977 As Criancas Da Nova Floresta album, with a couple of bonus tracks drawn from a recording session in the early '80s.

Clara Redig "...Canta Francis Hime" (CID, 2007)

Red Snakes "Trying To Be Someone" (Equipe, 1970)
(Produced by Oswaldo Cadaxo)

I'm not a huge fan of English-language Brazilian rock albums -- I mean, where's the fun in that? Anyway, this disc has its moments, as well as its moments of tedium. Apparently this hard rock band, led by brothers Ronaldo and Renato Bakker, was one of the top rock groups in late-'60s Rio, but for whatever reason they "went English" when they got a chance to record, complete with half-cute local accents and struggling with their phrasing. There's some strong musicianship, particularly on their Cream-inspired heavy-rock riffs, and I kind of enjoy the softer stuff that's reminiscent of bands such as the Left Banke; less successful are their attempts at Small Faces-ish rock-soul, which get pretty clumsy. And overall? Doesn't do much for me. A groovy historical footnote, but there are other albums that are way more fun.

Mauro Refosco & Vinicius Cantuaria "Seven Waves" (M A Recordings, 1999)
Gentle Braz-jazz from the New York scene. Refosco has worked in David Byrne's band, as well as with John Lurie, who guests on the album along with Vinicius Cantuaria and others; Cantuaria wrote or co-wrote about half the tracks on here. This is mainly instrumental, and a bit too noodly and low-key for my tastes -- seems like NYC's downtown scene has veered towards out-and-out mellowness in the last couple of years... who woulda thunk it? Still, this is a nice, delicate jazz album, and might be just the thing you're looking for...

Elis Regina - see artist discography

Regininha "Regininha" (Polydor, 1970)
(Produced by Nonato Buzar)

Marc Regnier "Radames Gnattali: Solo And Chamber Works For Guitar" (Dorian, 2010)
(Produced by Marina & Victor Ledin)

A lively, sensitive tribute to Brazilian classical pianist/jazz bandleader Radames Gnattali who was a driving force in Brazilian music during the pre-bossa nova era of the 1950s and beyond. As an "erudite" (classical) musician, Gnattali explored his country's Afro-Brazilian heritage, and incorporated popular contemporary styles such as the samba and choro into his work -- this album includes homages to composers such as Chiquinha Gonzaga, Ernesto Nazareth and Pixinguinha who work also crossed the divide between highbrow music and popular song. As a composer and as a performer, Gnattali's style tended towards note-heavy, forceful arrangements which, on piano, often translated as staccato and frantic; presented here on the acoustic guitar, Gnattali's lush, dense compositions take on a gentler tone, revealing more of his romantic and fluid sides. There are still some flights of pure drive and assertiveness, but they are less jarring and sweeter-sounding than many of Gnattali's original recordings -- it's a rich and compelling introduction to one of Brazil's most revered, but less-well remembered major musicians of yesteryear. Definitely worth checking out.

Reinaldo E Seus Convidados "Pagode Pra Valer" (Warner, 1999)
A nice live album of classic, early-style acoustic pagode, full of cavaquinhos and coros galore. Nothing new here, though that's the appeal -- just fun, bouyant, smile-producing, swinging samba. Recommended!

Reinaldo "...E Seus Convidados, v.2" (Warner-Continental, 2000)

Reinaldo "...E Seus Convidados, v.3" (Warner, 2001)

Reinaldo "Pra Sambar" (Atracao, 2004)

Reinaldo "15 Anos De Samba" (2007)

Celia Reis "O Samba E..." (Philips, 1961)
Possibly the only album from this old-school singer...(?) Backing her is an early edition of the male vocal quartet, MPB4.

Dilermando Reis "Dilermando Reis Interpreta Pixinguinha" (Continental, 1972)
An absolutely beautiful solo acoustic guitar album. This tribute to choro pioneer Pixinguinha takes the normally manic pace of these well-known instrumental tunes and slows them to an elegant, sensual pace, bringing it into the more relaxed, resonany tempo of the classical world. It shows just as much virtuosity, just with a very different feel. I love this record: it's very listenable and very lovely, and very unlike most of the other Brazilian music I've heard. Highly recommended! (Reissued on CD as Dilermando Reis Toca Pixinguinha.)

Dilermando Reis "Violao Brasileiro" (Continental, 1975)
Although I didn't find this album as striking as his Pixinguinha tribute, this is still a lovely record, with delicate, delectable guitar work. If you like Baden Powell or Luiz Bonfa, you might wanna check this out as well. Recommended.

Dilermando Reis - see artist discography

Heraldo Reis & Orquestra Reverson "Gafieira Tiradentes" (Top Tape, 1979)

Luiz Reis & Joao Roberto Kelly "Samba Em Quatro Maos" (RCA, 1964) (LP)
A brisk, bouncy set of poppy samba duets with an informal, almost goofball vibe that suggests a long stint as a nightclub act; Joao Roberto Kelly was a popular samba songwriter who later went on to host a national TV show. Both Kelly and Reis were pianists and composers; Reis seems to have written mostly with Haroldo Barbosa, while Kelly composed alone. Regardless, this is a fun, lively album, with a sprightly feel, totally independent of the artistic weightiness of the bossa nova and MPB scenes. Fun rhythm section, too, with a strong Cuban feel to the percussion. Definitely worth checking out.

Mario Reis - see artist discography

Mauricio Reis "Jura" (Revivendo, 2003)

Nando Reis "Para Quando O Arco Iris Encontrar O Pote Do Ouro" (Warner-Brasil, 2000)

Nando Reis "Infernal" (Warner-Brasil, 2001)
Impassioned, pointedly noisy, hard rock from the bass player of the fabled BRock band, Titas. This is commercial stuff, trying its hardest to sound edgy and alternative. I don't really enjoy this kind of music when it's sung in English; the fact that it's a Brazilian album only slightly mitigates the irritating qualities. Mostly it's the cheesy, wanky, wailing electric guitars and the attempt to substitute kinetic energy in place of compositional strength that bugs me the most. Joe Satriani, Smashing Pumpkins... meet Mr. Nando Reis.

Nando Reis "12 De Janeiro" (Warner-Brasil, 2002)

Nando Reis "Com Vida" (Warner-Brasil, 2003)

Nando Reis "A Letra A" (Universal, 2003)

Nando Reis E Os Infernais "MTV Ao Vivo" (Universal-Brasil, 2005)

Nando Reis "Essencial De Nando Reis" (Warner-Brasil, 2002)
A best-of set covering his Warner years...

Nando Reis "Sim E Nao" (Universal-Brasil, 2006)
A best-of set featuring Reis and his band, Os Infernais.

Nando Reis E Os Infernais "Luau MTV" (Universal-Brasil, 2007)

Nando Reis E Os Infernais "Luau MTV" (Universal-Brasil, 2007) (DVD)

Sergio Reis - see artist discography

Renato E Seus Blue Caps - see artist discography

Mario Renato "Samba Maravilhoso" (Esquema, 196-?) (LP)

Ze Renato - see artist discography

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