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X "Um Homem So" (Trama, 2001)
Brazilian hip-hop...

Xangai "Acontecivento" (1976)

Xangai "Que Qui Tu Tem Canario" (1981)

Xangai "Mutirao Da Vida" (Kuarup, 1984)

Xangai/Geraldo Azevedo/Elomar/Vital Farias "Cantoria 1" (Kuarup, 1984)
Beautiful, relaxed live acoustic recordings by this informal foursome from the Brazilian Northeast... The more upbeat numbers echo Gilberto Gil's acoustic improvisations, while the quieter numbers seem to draw on the Latin American "new song" movement... At any rate, these are gentle, stately performances, and well worth checking out.

Xangai/Geraldo Azevedo/Elomar/Vital Farias "Cantoria 2" (Kuarup, 1985)

Xangai "Xangai Canta Cantigas, Incelencias, Puluxias & Tiranas De Elomar" (Kuarup, 1986)
A brisk but elegant acoustic tribute to fellow Northeasterner Elomar Figueira Do Melo... With Jaques Morelenbaum on cello.

Xangai "Northeast Brazilian Songs" (1988)

Xangai "Eugenio Avelino (Lua Cheia, Lua Nova)" (1990)

Xangai "Dos Labutos" (1991)

Xangai & Renato Texeira "Aguaraterra: Ao Vivo" (Kuarup, 1995)

Xangai "Cantoria De Festa" (Kuarup, 1997)

Xangai "Um Abraco Pra Ti Pequenina" (Kuarup, 1997)
(Produced by Ricardo Anisio; arrangements by Sergio Galo)

Wow! This is a real find... Northeasterner Xangai combines his own passionate, poetic lyrics with an offbeat, improvisational accompaniment by the Quinteto Da Paraiba chamber orchestra... The cello-based arrangements are amorphous and wild, reflecting the searching, creative fervor of Xangai's vocals... There's a kooky vibe to this album that's similar to Tom Ze's work, though with a softer acoustic feel... It's certainly worth checking out if you're looking for evidence of the unique crosscultural creative ferment that makes Brazilian music so special. Recommended (...though it might not be for everyone!)

Xangai & Teca Calazans "Cantoria Brasileira" (Kuarup)

Xangai & Quinteto Da Paraiba "Brasileiranca" (Kuarup, 2002)

Xangai & Juralides Da Cruz "Nois A Jeca, Mais A Joia" (Kuarup, 2004)

Xango Da Mangueira "Rei Do Partido Alto" (Copacabana, 1972)

Xango Da Mangueira "Velho Batuqueiro" (Tapecar, 1975)

Xango Da Mangueira "Chao Da Mangueira" (Tapecar, 1976)

Xango Da Mangueira "Xango Da Mangueira" (1978)

Ximo & Judy "Via Brasil" (Rillenschlange, 1982)
A gentle bossa set featuring Spanish guitarist Ximo and a singer identified only as "Judy," who were apparently living in Germany at the time this album was recorded... It's not bad; there's better bossa, but this sounds nice. BTW: anyone know if this guy is the same as jazz guitarist Ximo Tebar??

Xis "Seja Como For" (Trama, 1999)
The first solo album from rapper Xis, formerly of the groups DMN and Cada Vez Mais Preto...

Xis "Fortificando A Desobediencia" (Warner, 2001)

Belo Xis "A Festa E Suas" (Continental, 1987)

Belo Xis "Sambando No Meio Do Povo" (Baccarola, 1982) (LP)

Belo Xis "Fax Ou Telegrama" (Atracao, 1998)
With Banda Cartao Postal...

Belo Xis "Garra E Coracao" (Continental) (LP)
(Produced by A. C. Carvalho & Wilson Souto, Jr.)

Belo Xis "25 Anos Do Samba" (Polymusic, 2001)

(Grupo) Xodo "Morena Moreno" (Copacabana, 1977) (LP)
(Produced by Antonio Carlos de Oliveira & Paulo Rocco)

XRS Land "Sarau" (Trama, 1999)

Xupanomanga "Foreggae" (Som Livre, 2002)

Xuxa "Xou Da Xuxa, v.1" (Som Livre, 1986)
Hard to imagine, but I actually don't have any reviews (yet) for any albums from the porn-star-gone-children's-show-host Xuxa... I can only hope you aren't too disappointed in me.

Xuxa "Xuxa, v.2: Xegundo" (Som Livre, 1987)

Xuxa "Xou Da Xuxa, v.3" (Som Livre, 1988)

Xuxa "Xou Da Xuxa, v.4" (Som Livre, 1989)

Xuxa "Xuxa 5" (Som Livre, 1990)

Xuxa "Xuxa 6" (Som Livre, 1991)

Xuxa "Xuxa 7" (Som Livre, 1992)

Xuxa "Xuxa 8" (Som Livre, 1993)

Xuxa "10 Anos" (Som Livre, 1996)

Xuxa "20 Anos" (Som Livre, 2006)

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