Welcome to my overview of women in country music, with reviews ranging from folk and bluegrass to honkytonk, rockabilly and Nashville pop. This is the first page covering the letter "D."

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Lacy J. Dalton -- see artist profile

Dale Daniel "Luck Of Our Own" (BNA, 1994)
(Produced by Jerry Crutchfield)

The lone solo album from this modest Nashville songbird... It's fairly generic early-'90s Nashville fare, with an okay bouncy, uptempo opening track, "In The Middle Of A Miracle," and then a bunch of less vigorous stuff, much of which has tinkly, thin-sounding production that sounds like leftovers from the 'Eighties. She's an okay singer, I guess, but doesn't make much of an impression. Strangely enough, the Nashville establishment seems to have agreed: not a single track on here got the least bit of traction in the Billboard charts... That's harsh! I mean, she kinda sounds like everybody else, so she must have had some major strikes against her to get so little love from the hitmakers... Wonder what the deal was... (?)

Helen Darling "Helen Darling" (MCA-Decca, 1995)

Donna Darlene -- see artist profile

The Daughters Of American Bluegrass "The Daughters Of American Bluegrass" (CMH, 2004)

The Daughters Of Bluegrass "Back To The Well" (Blue Circle, 2006)

The Daughters Of Bluegrass "Bluegrass Bouquet" (Blue Circle, 2009)
(Produced by Dixie Hall, Paula Wolak & Frances Mooney)

When they say "daughters of bluegrass," they really mean "daughters of bluegrass": this disc features contributions from dozens of female artists, including folks like Carol Lee Cooper (daughter of Wilma Lee Cooper), Lisa Martin (Jimmy's daughter), Jeanie Stanley (Carter's "baby girl") and Sonya and Becky Isaacs, of the Isaacs family band... Along with a slew of other female picker, plunkers and harmonizers, including well-known artists and newcomers such as Tina Adair, Dale Ann Bradley, Becky Buller, Sierra Hull, Alecia Nugent and many more whose names are less familiar; Rhonda Vincent, who gets a teasing shout-out as a big star with a tour bus to travel in, also pitches in. It's a big helping of talent, with many faces that are doubtless familiar to folks who frequent the festivals and hang out at informal jam sessions. The project is the brainchild of Dixie and Tom T. Hall, who also wrote or co-wrote all of the songs on here, so if you're a bluegrass fan searching for new, original material, this disc is a much-welcome treasure trove as well. Good spirits, fine picking and fuzzy nostalgia mix together quite nicely here... It's a sweet humble, down-to-earth album that reflects the DIY culture of the modern bluegrass scene... Nice!

Dave & Sugar -- see artist profile

Dianne Davidson "Baby" (Janus, 1971) (LP)

Dianne Davidson "Backwoods Woman" (Janus, 1972) (LP)

Dianne Davidson "Mountain Mama" (Janus, 1973) (LP)

Dianne Davidson "Breaking All The Rules" (Second Wave, 1988)

Gail Davies -- see artist profile

Linda Davis - see artist discography

Skeeter Davis - see artist discography

Stephanie Davis - see artist discography

Wendy Dawn "Harper Valley PTA" (RCA-Camden, 1969) (LP)

Jennifer Day "The Fun Of Your Love" (BNA, 2000)
Perky, upbeat country-pop. Pretty glossy, but not as weighed-down by would-be soul warbling as some of her Y2K Nashville contemporaries. It's okay, if you like the poppy stuff.

Hillbilly Fillies - More Letter "D"

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