Gail Davies is one of those traditionally-minded artists who made it in Nashville despite all odds -- she had surprising chart success in the 1980s, despite being closer to the Carter Family vibe than to the then-dominant Reba McEntire. Here's a quick look at her work!

Discography - Best-Ofs

Gail Davies "The Best Of Gail Davies" (Capitol, 1991)
An interesting cross-label set that includes re-recorded versions of her earlier material, and some stray tracks taken from her short tenure on the RCA label...

Gail Davies "Greatest Hits" (Koch, 1998)

Discography - Albums

Gail Davies "Gail Davies" (CBS/Lifesong, 1978)

Gail Davies "The Game" (Warner Brothers, 1980)

Gail Davies "I'll Be There" (Warner Brothers, 1981)

Gail Davies "Giving Herself Away" (Warner Brothers, 1982)

Gail Davies "What Can I Say" (Warner Brothers, 1983)

Gail Davies "Where Is A Woman To Go" (RCA, 1984) (LP)

Gail Davies "Wild Choir" (RCA, 1986)

Gail Davies "Pretty Words" (MCA, 1989)

Gail Davies "The Other Side Of Love" (Capitol, 1990)

Gail Davies "Eclectic" (Little Chickadee, 1995)

Gail Davies "Love Ain't Easy" (Little Chickadee, 1999)

Gail Davies "Live And Unplugged At The Station Inn" (Little Chickadee, 2001)
Even though her voice sounds creakier in a live, acoustic setting than it did with bigger production back, twenty years earlier in her chart-action days, this concert album is still pretty compelling. Always nice to hear real people playing real music, and Davies and her crew deliver the goods in a low-key setting, moving through all her old hits and a few interesting cover tunes. Jes' plain folks making the music they love, right there in the shadow of the Nashville music machine.

Gail Davies "The Songwriter Sessions" (Little Chickadee, 2003)


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