Hey there! Thanks for checking out Slipcue. I hope the site has been helpful for you in your explorations of all kinds of music and other pop culture. If, by any chance, you'd like to help support the site, there are a couple of ways you can contribute. Large piles of cash are always welcome, as are anonymous philanthropic donations or really hot stock tips.

Also, you can purchase books and records through the Slipcue website, and a teeny portion of your purchase will go to our general fund. Slipcue used to link to Amazon, but in 2011 they decided to drop all their California-based affiliates, so I now link to Barnes & Noble. I have not been able to link to individual items (just not enough time!) but if you follow the link on this page, your purchases will really help us out. The most important thing, though, is you finding the art and culture you love. Enjoy the hunt!

Your Pal, DJ Joe

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