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Stephanie Davis "Stephanie Davis" (Asylum, 1993)
A singer-songwriterish protege of Garth Brooks (she wrote his hits "The Gift" and "Wolves"), Davis hailed from Montana and made a mild splash as a songwriter before landing a brief major label contract as a performer in her own right... This album is probably too sedate for the average Top Country fan; indeed, the lone single tanked out on the charts when was released, prompting Davis's retreat into critic's darling indie-artist status. But for those inclined towards the more contemplative end of things, Davis might make a fine compliment to, say, your old Nanci Griffith albums. Even includes a sweet spot of western swing right at the end there, to make sure we all know that this is a real country gal.

Stephanie Davis "I'm Pullin' Through" (Recluse, 1996)
A set of jazz-standards covers, underscoring the links between western swing and mainstream jazz...

Stephanie Davis "River Of No Return" (Recluse, 1996)

Stephanie Davis "Crocus In The Snow" (Recluse, 2003)

Stephanie Davis "Home For The Holidays" (Recluse, 2003)
A holiday album with standards and original material, including a duet with Ray Price...

Stephanie Davis "Western Bliss" (Recluse, 2009)

Stephanie Davis "Western Bling" (Recluse, 2009)


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