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The Bad Livers -- see artist discography

The Bailes Brothers -- see artist discography

The Bailey Brothers "Have You Forgotten?" (Rounder, 1974) (LP)
Vintage recordings by Charles and Dan Bailey, a brother duo who first started recording in the late 1930s, around the same time as Bill and Charlie Monroe. I mention the Monroes because the Bailey boys developed a sound that was influenced by bluegrass, but never wholly part of it -- they had an interesting sound that was midway between the older "brother harmonies" of groups such as the Callahan Brothers and contemporaries like the Blue Sky Boys, and the more buoyant new bluegrass style. This album collects some of their vintage, Depression era recordings, songs that were quite popular at the time, although they are also one of the older acts that were rediscovered by the Rounder Records folkies, and invited to record new albums in the '70s that are also quite good.

The Bailey Brothers "Take Me Back To Happy Valley" (Rounder, 1974) (LP)

The Bailey Brothers "Just As The Sun Went Down" (Rounder, 1980)

Kenny Baker -- see artist discography

Barbwyre "Barbwyre" (2013)
Loose-limbed, playful "funkgrass" from this Colorado quartet. They mix bluegrass and western swing with a little smidge of rock and jazz in there as well... If you like, oh say, John Cowan or Sam Bush, you'll probably dig these mile-high hillbillies as well.

Butch Baldassari "A Day In The Country" (Pinecastle, 1994)
A sweet, all-instrumental album from mandolinist Butch Baldassari. Some of the more modern-sounding tunes coast into the saccharine style that predominates these days, but the more relaxed, twangier front porch-y stuff is pretty nice. Good album to chill out to.

Butch Baldassari "New Classics For Bluegrass Mandolin" (Soundart, 1998)
Another nice set of inventive instrumentals, some that drift into "new acoustic" territory, but mostly in a relative traditional bluegrass mode. Nice for fans of instrumental music, though somewhat underwhelming overall.

Russ Barenberg, Jerry Douglas & Edgar Meyer "Skip, Hop & Wobble" (Sugar Hill, 1993)

Russ Barenberg "When At Last" (Compass Records, 2007)

Danny Barnes -- see artist discography

Bashful Brother Oswald "Don't Say Aloha" (Rounder, 1972)
An interesting confluence of old-time country, traditional bluegrass and 1930s-style Hawaiian music. Oswald Kirby, (aka Bashful Brother Oswald) once a key member of Roy Acuff's old band, was a veteran radio performer way back in the Depression era, whose career was revitalized by the '60s/'70s folk revival... Here he works through a nice slice of his wide repertoire -- clompy old banjo tunes, gospel recitations and Hawaiian ditties, as well as over-the-top sentimental weepers, such as "Should I Tell My Wife I'm Dying?" They just don't make 'em like this anymore! Oswald was pretty long in the tooth when he made these recordings, but it's still nice stuff, delivered with a simplicity and sincerity that stands the test of time.

Bashful Brother Oswald "Brother Oswald" (Rounder, 1972)
A classic dobro instrumental set, made with young'uns Tut Taylor and Norman Blake in tow, as well as another former member of Roy Acuff's Smoky Mountain Boys, Charlie Collins, also pitching in. Sweet stuff, also with a healthy odes of old-fashioned Hawaiian music in the mix. Recommended!

Bass Mountain Boys "Carolina Calling Me" (Pinecastle, 1992)
A real winner!! Good old-fashioned truegrass in the grand Stanleys/Flatt & Scruggs/Jim & Jesse mold. Sharp, aggressive picking, with equally assertive, authoritatively craggy vocals. Top-flight stuff: well worth tracking down!

Terry Baucom, Lou Reid & Carolina "Carolina Moon" (Sugar Hill, 1993)

Baucom, Bibey & BlueRidge "Come Along With Me" (Sugar Hill, 2002)
A nice mix of gospel and secular bluegrass by this sleek ensemble led by banjoist Terry Baucom and mandolinist Alan Bibey -- late of Quicksilver and IIIrd Tyme Out -- and their new band BlueRidge. Included is guitar picker Junior Sisk, who also contributes a couple of nice tunes to the mix -- more great truegrass for fans to gobble up...!

Riley Baugus "Life Of Riley" (Yodel-Ay-Hee, 2001)

Riley Baugus & Ira Bernstein "Appalachian Roots" (Yodel-Ay-Hee, 2002)

Riley Baugus & The Lonesome Sisters "Going Home Shoes" (Tin Halo Music, 2004)

Riley Baugus "Long Steel Rail" (Sugar Hill, 2006)
(Produced by Tim O'Brien & Dirk Powell)

A strong, salty set of hardcore old-timey music, much of it played solo by Baugus, accompanying himself on fiddle or banjo, and even singing a capella with a hard-won, ultra-traditionalist, nails-on-a-chalkboard, keening wail. If you're into rugged, uncompromised old-time music from the likes of Hazel Adkins, Bruce Molsky or Dirk Powell, then this disc is definitely for you. Indeed, Powell, along with Tim O'Brien, is a co-producer of this album and they both play on many of the tracks. This album's a real treat for the faithful, each and every song suffused with the craggy, live-wire intensity that best defines the genre. Definitely recommended!

Riley Baugus & Laurelyn Dossett "The Music Of Brother Wolf" (Triad Stage, 2006)

Riley Baugus & Kirk Sutphin "Long Time Piedmont Pals" (Old Blue, 2010)

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