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Hello! This page is part of an opinionated overview of Celtic and British folk music, with record reviews by me, Joe Sixpack... This is not meant to be taken as a "definitive" resource, but rather as a record of some of the music which has caught my interest. I am always looking for more good music to explore, so your comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Caoimhin Vallely/Niall Vallely/Paul Meehan "Buille" (Compass, 2007)
Technically, I think Buille is actually the band name, but if you're a fan of the Vallely family, it can't hurt to list it here under their names as well...

Caoimhin Vallely & Christy Leahy "Christy Leahy & Caoimhin Vallely" (2010)

Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford "On Common Ground" (Ballyo, 2009)

Cillian & Niall Vallely "Callan Bridge" (Compass, 2002)
Man, talk about your Irish music dynasties! Brothers Niall & Cillian Vallely -- who perform in the bands Nomos and Lunasa, respectively -- dish up a zingy set of contertina and pipe duets, with John Doyle (of Solas) pitching in on guitar and bouzouki. It's a nice solid set, enjoyable even for a crabby old feller like me who doesn't normally care much for jigs and reels. Guess these guys must have that special little magical something... Check it out!

Niall Vallely "Beyond Words" (1998)

Tim Van Eyken "Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves" (Topic, 2006)
An evocative, mostly-trad folk set by singer Tim Van Eyken, who is part of the coterie orbiting Eliza Carthy and the Waterson family. There's a strong stylistic similarity with Carthy's father, Martyn Carthy, both vocally and in the arrangements. Some pop-rock overtones and other modernizations intrude a bit, but for the most part if you like the older trad sound, you'll be pleased by this disc as well.

Le Vent Du Nord "La Part Du Feu" (Borealis Records, 2009)
A outstanding acoustic folk album with a mix of styles from the Quebecois and Celtic traditions. This supple French-Canadian quartet glides easily from style to style, with a lively brio yet a gentle vibe... Fans of Gabriel Yacoub, Malicorne and Great Sea, or Celtic counterparts such as Planxty or Silly Wizard, should be jazzed by these guys as well. A lively repertoire that gathers obscure material from both French and Canadian sources... Recommended!

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