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Hello! This page is part of an opinionated overview of Celtic and British folk music, with record reviews by me, Joe Sixpack... This is not meant to be taken as a "definitive" resource, but rather as a record of some of the music which has caught my interest. I am always looking for more good music to explore, so your comments and suggestions are welcome.

This page covers the letter "U"

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Umps And Dumps "The Moon's In A Fit" (Topic, 1980)
Yet another John Kirkpatrick and Sue Harris project, along with melodeon player Tufty Swift, banjoist Alan Harris and multi-instrumentalist Derek Pearce... Another fun, goofy, playful country dance-type record!

Rachel Unthank & The Winterset "Cruel Sister" (Rabble Rouser, 2006)

Rachel Unthank & The Winterset "The Bairns" (Real World, 2008)

The Unthanks "Here's The Tender Coming" (EMI, 2009)

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