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Hello! This page is part of an opinionated overview of Celtic and British folk music, with record reviews by me, Joe Sixpack... This is not meant to be taken as a "definitive" resource, but rather as a record of some of the music which has caught my interest. I am always looking for more good music to explore, so your comments and suggestions are welcome.

This is the first page covering the letter "E"

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Seamus Egan "A Week In January" (Shanachie, 1990)

Seamus Egan "Traditional Music Of Ireland" (Shanachie, 1994)

Seamus Egan "The Brothers McMullen" (Soundtrack) (Fox Searchlight, 1995)

Seamus Egan "When Juniper Sleeps" (Shanachie, 1996)
A super-mellow mix of modern folk and Irish trad, which flirts with the slushier sounds of "New Age" easy listening. Egan is a talented young multi-instrumentalist, whose work with the band Solas and on the soundtrack to The Brothers McMullen gained him great notoriety before this album came out. The subtle inversions of trad, jazz and pop are skillful and clever, but I still find this disc a wee too goopy for my tastes.

Seamus Egan "In Your Ear" (Aniar, 1998)

Seamus Egan "Flute Tutorial" (Mad For Trad, 2000)

Emmet Spiceland "The First..." (1968)

Seamus Ennis "The Bonny Bunch Of Roses" (Tradition, 1959)
Lively a capella and solo instrumental numbers, played on uillean pipes and tin whistle; nice stuff, if a bit raw by modern standards. The pipering definitely has that spooky, spectral quality that makes so much of this stuff so good. Certainly worth checking out!

Seamus Ennis "Ceol, Scealta Agus Amhrain" (Gael Linn, 1961)

Seamus Ennis "Forty Years Of Irish Piping" (Green Linnet, 1973)

Seamus Ennis "Irish Pipe And Tin Whistle Songs" (Legacy, 1976)
An American edition of The Bonny Bunch of Roses; not the same as the 1994 various artists collection listed below.

Seamus Ennis "The Wandering Minstrel" (Green Linnet, 1977)

Seamus Ennis "The Best Of Irish Piping" (Tara, 1995)
Admittedly, the keening wail of the uilleann pipes is not for everyone... For those disinclined, the noise can be downright irritating. That being said, the style simply doesn't get better than this, and part of the reason is that, far from trying to hide the difficult aspects of Irish piping, Seamus Ennis practically revels in it. This 2-CD selection is drawn from two albums Ennis recorded for the Tara label, The Pure Drop (from 1973) and The Fox Chase, (1978) and the set starts out with a real bang. On the second tune of the second disc, a medley of "The Blossoming Meadows/Kitty's Rambles," Ennis twists the tones beyond all reasonable limits, grinding the notes into odd, misshapen, primordial forms. Hardly content merely to learn and regurgitate the old songs, Ennis is a true musician, one who needs to play with and improvise around old themes. His work is playful, challenging and decidely experimental, unlistenable for some, yet a wellspring of creative depths for others... It's probably best taken in small doses, perhaps in a mix with other styles, but it's got an emotional and artistic resonance that's quite compelling, and is definitely worth checking out. For pipng fans, this is a must-hear record.

Seamus Ennis/Various Artists "Irish Pipe And Tinwhistle Songs" (Legacy, 1994)
Also with tracks by the Dubliners and Tommy Makem.

Seamus Ennis "The Return From Fingal" (RTE, 1997)

Seamus Ennis "Two Centuries Of Celtic Music" (Legacy, 2001)

Etchingham Steam Band "Etchingham Steam Band" (Fledg'ling, 1974/1995)
An Albion Band spin-off with singing sisters Shirley and Dolly Collins in on the fun. Although this album was recorded in 1974, it was not released until '95.

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