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OK -- so I know that a lot of people, including what's left of my small circle of friends, think my interest in the obituaries is a bit morbid and weird. Far from it! The Obit section is a kick; sometimes it's funny, other times informative, often fascinating. Biographies in a box, if you'll pardon the expression. For example, did you know someone invented the shopping cart...? Or the paper clip? Or smear-proof lipstick? No, I mean like real, actual individuals, people you never heard of -- until you see their obituary.

Anyway, it's a thing. And so, in a desperate bid to keep this website of mine fresh -- and to attract the lucrative advertising dollars of the mortuary industry -- I'll be loading new obits onto this page from time-to-time. Here are some of my current faves, as well as some links to other obituary-related sites... And if you're really into it, some older obituaries are also still posted.

Bossa Nova Legend, Baden Powell
Neuma Goncalves Da Silva, 78, Samba Leader
Tabla Master, Ustad Alla Rakha

The Glub-Glub Duck Man
George Crowley, Inventor of the Electric Blanket
Henry Pleasants, 89 - The Jazz-Loving Spy

Allen Funt, Creator of "Candid Camera"
Peter Tripp, Sleepless '50's DJ
Vivian Harris, the "Voice of the Apollo," Dies at 97

Israel Myers - Created The London Fog Coat
Mel Torme - "The Velvet Fog", Dies At 73
Donald Townsend, The T-Bone King, Dies at 91

Anne Sheafe Miller, The World's First Penicillin Patient, Dies At 90
Sir Christopher Cockerell, Creator of the Hovercraft
A Mysterious Death In Rock'n'Roll

Frank Pape - One Tough Cop
John Morgan, British Fashion Snob
Senor Wences, Master Ventriloquist... and Johnny, too.

Rolf Landauer, Pioneer in Computer Theory, Dies at 72
Rupert Lonsdale, British Sub Captain Who Surrendered, Dies at 93
Jim Copp - Children's Songwriter for Playhouse Records

Col. William Robert Lawley Jr. - Came In On A Wing And A Prayer
Rick Fields, Buddhist Poet
Rick Danko, Singer With The Band

Rosko, Radio DJ Who Broke Barriers, Dies at 73
David Mellinkoff, 85, Plain-Speaking Lawyer
Harold S. Fawcett, 82, Photographed bombing of Pearl Harbor

Frank Spencer, Anthropologist Who Studied Piltdown Hoax, Dies at 58
Frances Godowsky, 92, Last of the Gershwin Siblings
Fred Kelly, 83, Taught Gene How To Dance

Alice Adams, Bay Area Author, Dies At 72
Randolph Bullock, New York Armor Expert, Dies at 96
Americo Paredes, 83, Pioneering Chicano Scholar

California Chief Justice Rose Bird, Age 58
William Ringel, Judge Who Ruled Warhol's Art Obscene, Is Dead at 97
Ruth Werner, Russian Spy and Commie Hottie, Dies at 93

Jack Nitzsche, The Man Behind The Wall Of Sound
Roger Vadim, The Director Who Made Brigitte Bardot Big Stuff
Dr. Jeffrey Willick, Expert In The Workings Of The Universe, Killed By Freak Accident at Age 40

Werner Klemperer, akaCol. Klink, Dies at 80
John Worsley, A Real-Life Col. Hogan
James Carr, Soul Singer, Dies at 58

Screaming Lord Sutch, Loveable British Loon, Dies at 58
Vive Le Roi! Henri VI, Heir Apparent to the Throne of France, Dies At 90
Phoebe Snetsinger, The World's Greatest Birdwatcher, Dies at 68

Charles Earland, Soul-Jazz Pioneer, Dies at 58
Hank Snow, 85, Canadian Country Music Legend
Max Hunter, Ozark Folklorist of Tunes and Tales, Dies at 78

John Paul Stapp, the "Fastest Man on Earth", Dies At 89
Lee Lozano, Conceptual Artist Who Boycotted Women Until Her Dying Day, Dies At 68
FM-2030, Futurist, Is Dead at 69

Stretch Johnson, 85, Tap Dancer and Left-Wing Activist
Jerome Smith, KC & The Sunshine Band's First Guitarist, Dies at 47
C.D. Atkins, 86, Held Patent on Orange Juice


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