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There are several obit enthusiast sites out there, and each has its own unique take on obituary journalism. Perhaps the most thoughtful (and the one closest to my own aesthetic) is the Virtual Memorial Garden, which has contemporary obituary listings, as well as the rather haunting Memorial Garden, in which any cyber-reader can enter their own eulogies, of a friend, relative, or even a pet. A most unusual, and moving, site.

With more of a pop-culture bent, is GOODBYE! The Journal of Contemporary Obituaries", which also is available in print form as a subscriber newsletter. Still further down the dead folks food chain is You're Outta Here! a flippant, (even gauche) site, with features such as "stupid deaths" etc...

Obit Central hosts an impressive links page for dozens of obituary sites, as well as public/governmental resources. PLEASE NOTE:all you folks who write me asking for help tracking down death notices, the Obit Central site does provide that service. Great resource for the obituary enthusiast!

Giving credit where credit is due, I should mention that most of the text for my site has been liberally borrowed from mainstream sources such as The New York Times and other newspapers. You should be able to search under a local paper's website, and get at least some obituary listings. Or, god forbid, you could actually start reading the obits in the paper itself! (PS -- hopefully this public admission of my pilfering, combined with the inclusion of the original bylines will suffice to keep the Sulzberger family from suing me into a pauper's grave... please have mercy, Mr. Sulzberger!!)

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