Slipcue E-Zine: Obituary Archives - 1998-99

Welcome back! Here are some of the older obituary listings... including some of my favorites!

Film Director Alan Pakula Dies
Iron Eyes Cody, Actor In Anti-Littering Commercial
Mario Zacchini, Human Cannonball, Dies at 87

Lili St. Cyr, Burlesque Dancer, 80
Chorale Leader Robert Shaw
Charles Luckman, Architect Who Designed Penn Station's Replacement, Dies at 89

Jerry Quarry -- He WAS a contender
Virginia Verrill, Unseen Voice of Hollywood's Singing Stars, 82
Blues Legend Charles Brown

Orlandus Wilson, Bass Vocalist for the Golden Gate Quartet
Pillsbury Doughboy Dead at 71
John Goldwater, Creator of Archie and Pals, Dies at 83

Jaki Byard, a Jazz Musician and Teacher, 76
Thomas Banyacya, 89, Who Told of Hopi Prophecy
Gershon Legman, Anthologist of Erotic Humor, Dies at 81

Del Close, Comedian, Donates Skull To Theatre
Ann Corio, Burlesque Performer and Historian
Lee Falk, 87, Creator of Comics Like 'Mandrake' and 'Phantom'

Lowell Fulson, West Coast Blues Pioneer
Dusty Springfield, Soul Singer
Sidney Gottlieb, 80, Dies; Gave LSD to the CIA

They saved Goethe's brain!!
Willard R. Espy, 88, Scholar and Practitioner of Wordplay
Look -- up in the sky!! It's Superman!

Shel Silverstein - From Playboy cartoonist to children's author
Brownie Mary - marijuana activist
Cao Huoxing - Communist Songwriter

Kyriacos Demetriou, An Old-Fashioned Barber, Dies at 80
Helen A. Mayer - Dumbo's Creator, Dies at 91
Dr. Jule Eisenbud - parapsychologist

John Broome - creator of the Green Lantern
Porter Heaps - popularized the Hammond organ
Bessie Cohen, Survivor of 1911 Sweatshop Fire, Dies

Jesse Stone - songwriter, producer, and pioneer of rock and R&B
Saul Steinberg - highbrow cartoonist
Tibor Kalman - graphic design iconoclast

Red Norvo - swing jazz musician
James V. Blevins - the Popcorn King
Rory Calhoun - cowboy actor

Joel Price - brought the electric bass to country music
William Hunter McCrea, 94, Expert on Sun's Composition
Irving "Fishbones" Stevens, 88, Ex-Hobo, Author, Inventor of Fly Dope

Sam Shaw -- film producer and photographer of Marilyn Monroe
Arthur Schawlow, 77, invented the laser

Ray Forrest, 83 - America's first nationwide TV personality
Morey Bernstein, infamous '50s hypnotist and author
Al Hirt - so, like, who knew he was cool, after all?

Lyndon Lyon -- world-class African violet breeder
James Blades -- "V For Victory" percussionist
Waldo Semon, who patented bubblegum


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