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Hey, welcome to my "guide" to a few of my favorite rock and pop records. This isn't a definitive list, by any means, just some random comments about a few records that have stood out over the years, or that I've found the time to review.

This page covers the letter "E"

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The Easybeats "Aussie Beat That Shook the World" (Repertoire, 1996)
Hey, who knew that AC-DC's Angus Young had an older brother who starred in one of Australia's all-time greatest '60s beat bands? Well, here they are -- the Easybeats, whose hit single "Friday On My Mind" brought them fleeting global fame, but whose follow-up 45s and LPs failed to crack back into the Top 20. But man, what a raw, wailing Aussiebeat sound they had! This 2-CD collection includes almost all their singles, including my favorite, "Bring a Little Lovin' ", which is built around a deliciously wicked guitar riff. Yeah, this may be a bit more than most folks (myself included) can listen to in one sitting... but taken in small doses, this is some truly great music. Recommended!

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