Howdy! This page is part of my guide to "western" music, the legacy of the so-called "singing cowboys." You gotta love this stuff, with its sweet, old-fashioned sentimental themes, its love of nature and the great outdoors. Here's a look at the legacy of western music, old and new, with reviews and recommendations to make your next cattle drive the best one yet. This page covers artists under the letter "B" - please feel free to make recommendations or comments if I've missed someone.

(PS - Don't forget the cowgals, as well!)

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Smilin' Billy Blinkhorn "Bushland Yodel" (Binge Disc/Cattle Records)

Johnny Bond - see artist discography

Wilford Brimley & Riders In The Sky "Home On The Range" (Riders Radio, 2013)
Much-mustachioed TV and movie actor Wilford Brimley worked as a ranch hand in his youth, and it was through his work on '60s westerns that he gradually found a career as a character actor, playing a loveable old coot in parts on The Waltons, and in films such as Tender Mercies and Cocoon. Here, he indulges a love of cowboy poetry, backed by the Riders In The Sky band.

Elton Britt - see artist discography

Hoyt 'Slim' Bryant "...And His Wildcats" (BACM, 2006)
Mellow, jovial cowpoke oldies, heartsongs and sentimental tunes, and swell novleties such as "Nag Oh Nag Oh Nag" and "I'm A Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion Patch..." Bryant was a Southern boy who built up his base in Pittsburgh and became a regional star in and around Pennsylvania, although he never quite cracked into the national market. Nonetheless, he was an influential performer, particularly as a guitarist -- his single-note lead guitar riffs (and accompanying fills during the rest of the song) were said to be a big influence on a young Les Paul, and were a big break from the normal rhythm-oriented role that guitars traditionally held in country music. These radio transcription recordings, made for NBC's Thesaurus imprint, showcase Bryant's guitar playing as well as his warm personality and notably relaxed, relaxing vibe. The sound quality's good, and the musicianship is tops. Definitely worth checking out!

Hoyt 'Slim' Bryant "...And His Wildcats, v.2" (BACM, 2005)

Hoyt 'Slim' Bryant "...And His Wildcats, v.3" (BACM, 2005)

The Buckarettes "The Buckarettes" (2001)
Western music of a more contemporary vintage by a trio from New Mexico... Among the tunes about the sagebrush and the prairie moon, this disc features a track called "Hereford Nocturne." Now that's cow music!

The Buckarettes "Snow Angels" (2007)
A western-flavored Christmas-oriented set from these New Mexico cowgals...

The Buckarettes "Cowgirl Serenade" (2009)

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