Howdy! This page is part of my guide to "western" music, the legacy of the so-called "singing cowboys." You gotta love this stuff, with its sweet, old-fashioned sentimental themes, its love of nature and the great outdoors. Here's a look at the legacy of western music, old and new, with reviews and recommendations to make your next cattle drive the best one yet. This page covers artists under the letter "E" - please feel free to make recommendations or comments if I've missed someone.

(PS - Don't forget the cowgals, as well!)

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Don Edwards "Songs Of The Trail" (Warner Nashville, 1992)

Don Edwards "Goin' Back To Texas" (Warner Nashville, 1993)

Don Edwards & Waddie Mitchell "The Bard And The Balladeer: Live From Cowtown" (Warner Nashville, 1994)

Don Edwards "West Of Yesterday" (Warner Nashville, 1996)

Don Edwards "Saddle Songs" (Shanachie/Western Jubilee, 1997)
A little on the smooth side, sure, but Edwards has a simplicity and sincerity that makes his records very compelling. This 2-CD set is one of his best records. If you want to give a contemporary cowpoke a listen, try this out.

Don Edwards "My Hero, Gene Autry: A Tribute" (Western Jubilee, 1998)

Don Edwards "The Best Of Don Edwards" (Warner Nashville, 1998)

Don Edwards & Waddie Mitchell "A Prairie Portrait" (Shanachie/Western Jubilee, 2000)
With the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra...

Don Edwards/Various Artists "ON THE TRAIL: SONGS OF THE AMERICAN WEST" (Western Jubilee, 2001)
With Waddie Mitchell, The Sons Of The San Joaquin, Rich O'Brien, Tom Morrell and others...

Don Edwards "Kin To The Wind: Memories Of Martin Robbins" (Western Jubilee, 2001)

Don Edwards "Last Of The Troubadours: Saddle Songs, v.2" (Western Jubilee, 2004)
A 2-CD set...

Don Edwards & Peter Rowan "High Lonesome Cowboy" (Western Jubilee, 2004)
With guitarists Norman Blake and Tony Rice...

Don Edwards "Moonlight And Skies" (Western Jubilee/Sevenshoux, 2006)

Don Edwards "Heaven On Horseback" (Western Jubilee/Sevenshoux, 2009)
An all-gospel album...

Don Edwards "American" (Western Jubilee/Sevenshoux, 2010)

Don Edwards "Just Me And My Guitar" (Sevenshoux, 2013)

Wayne Erbsen "Cowboy Songs Of The Wild Frontier" (Native Ground, 2004)

Dale Evans "The Rage Of The Sage" (BACM, 2005)

Ezra & His Beverly Hillbillies "Ezra & His Beverly Hillbillies" (BACM, 2005)

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