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Welcome, O rock'n'roll fans! Here is my clumsily designed index page for my reviews of rock records which have come my way since I started doing the Slipcue website. These "new" review pages are in addition to a modest set of artist profile pages and various other obscure favorite albums, which are also organized in a cluttered fashion, back at the start of my rock/pop section. As a quick scan of my reviews may show, I have fairly wide-ranging tastes and am open to a lot of different styles of music, but I'm also kind of crabby. Once apon a time, I spent a dozen-plus years of my life as a freeform/college radio DJ/music director/blahblahblah, and devoted much of my energy at the time to being well-informed, but resolutely uncool. Nowadays, I'm just uncool and also hopelessly out of touch. But I'm comfortable with that: being trapped on the hampster wheel of hipness is a young person's game, and it is sad and pathetic when old coots like me try to pretend they still care. Just give me my Buzzcocks albums and shut up about all that techno crap, already! Haven't scared you away yet?? Fine... go ahead, read my silly reviews... But don't say I didn't warn you.

That being said, I am always looking for great new music... So if there's anything you want to recommend, please feel free to write me to make suggestions. Also, check out my favorite records section to get a better sense of the kinds of rock I do like...

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