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Welcome to my French pop and rock section... Here are a few recommendations to albums I've enjoyed that I think you might like as well, ranging from 1960s ye-ye to a few more contemporary albums from France's blossoming indie and electronica scenes. There is also a separate section for older musical styles, such as chanson and musette, if you like the old stuff, too!

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Yves Jamait "De Verre En Vers" (2001)

Yves Jamait "Le Coquelicot" (Wagram/Faisage, 2006)
A solid, rollicking album by French singer Yves Jamait, a neo-chanson revivalist in the spirit of Thomas Fersen, San Severino or Marie Kiss La Joue, injecting a bit of rough-and-tumble modernism and Tom Waits-y growl into his jaunty, accordion-infused repertoire. Most songs are ruggedly uptempo, though he adds a few softer tunes towards the end. Nice stuff!

Yves Jamait "Je Passais Par Hasard" (Wagram/Faisage, 2008)

Yves Jamait "En Concert" (Wagram, 2009)

Yves Jamait "Saison 4" (2011)

Agnes Jaoui "Canta" (Tot Ou Tard, 2006)
A devotee of Latin American music, Jaoui performs rather sparse, mainly acoustic material in a variety of styles... One highlight is a duet with Brazilian pop diva Maria Bethania, on a song called "Samba Em Preludio." Might be a bit arid for many listeners, but it's an interesting outing for a French artist...

Jocelyne "Twistin' The Rock" (Universal, 2002)
A swell 2-CD set of girl-group rock and pop vocals from a French gal who actually had a nice bluesy twist to her voice... This spans from up-tempo teenybopper material to more swank, pop-oriented arrangements. Nice, simple retro-riffic fun... Worth tracking down, if you like to hear a little snarl in your French filles.

Joey & The Showmen/Les Golden Stars "Twistin' The Rock, v.14: Les Orchestres De Johnny Hallyday" (Universal, 2002)

Frankie Jordan "Frankie Jordan" (Universal/Decca, 2003)

Juliette "Le Festin De Juliette" (Polydor, 2003)

Juliette "Les 50 Plus Belles Chansons" (Polydor, 2007)
A 3-CD set...

Juliette "Collection Prestige" (Polydor, 2007)
A 3-CD set...

Juliette "Irresistible" (Polydor, 2003)

Juliette "Rimes Feminine" (Polydor, 2003)

Juliette "Assassins Sans Couteaux" (Polydor, 2003)

Juliette "Que Tal?" (Polydor, 2003)

Juliette "Mutatis Mutandis" (Polydor, 2005)

Juliette & Didier Goret "Deux Pianos" (Polydor, 2004)

Juliette "Bijoux Et Babioles" (Polydor, 2008)

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