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Subject: Re: How often do you update?
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 23:46:15 -0700
From: Earl Sherman (
To: joesixpack

Earl Sherman wrote:
> Hello JSP,
> I have enjoyed your site for some time now, have learned a great deal,
> and recommend your site to those who care about music. But how often do you
> update? I haven't seen any changes though admittedly I don't look at very
> page when I visit. Thanks for a great site, especially the Brazillian music
> info. It's been invaluable in my explorations of that genre.Keep up the good
> work,
> Earl Sherman

Dear Earl,

Well, it's more like I'm constantly expanding the website, rather than updating
it. Some pages are updated (the new record reviews) but I also will leave some
reviews in there, along with the new ones, just because I figure everything is
new to somebody... I also just keep generating new pages and sections, like the
Jazz/Big Band section, that's linked to from the Pop section... So it's a little
inconsistent how and where the site is developed...

Thanks for checking the website out, though! Glad it's been useful!

PS - I did finally create a "What's New, Slipcue?" page, but I just took a look at it and it hasn't been updated in ober a year...! #8-)


Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 18:30:04 -0500 (EST)
From: Sacha Guney (
Subject: the site

hey joe what an awesome site!

you deserve the nobel prize for music appreciation.
keep it up.

sacha g.

Thanks! (By the way, the Nobel Prize Committee can be contacted anytime, day or night, via their website... Nominations for next year are wide open...)


Subject: Obituary interest
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 17:10:10 -0800
From: Jennifer Chen (

Hi Joesixpack,

I checked out your home page and I was wondering what obits have to do with music?

What I really would like to know, actually, is how you became interested in obits, and if you've had a lot of feedback about them?

Thanks Jen

No connection, really, except for all the dead musicians... And the whole jazz music coming out of New Orleans funeral parades, I guess. I dunno... I guess I just started reading newspaper obituaries in the 1980s, and found them to be fascinating. A nice quick, glimpse into someone else's life, and sometimes into the grand themes and little quirks of the world around us. My apologies, by the way, to any fellow obituary enthusiasts who have been disappointed by my inability to keep up with the Slipcue Obituary section. Just haven't had enough time to do the data entry, I'm afraid, although I do hope to add some new stuff someday when I get the chance... And, yeah, I do still get a few weird e-mails about the obits, even after I put a disclaimer on the e-mail page. Oh, well.


Subject: you're the best
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 22:24:50 +1000
From: Phillip Gwynne (

An incredible web site. I'm already trying to track down quite a few of the
records you have recommended (if you think it's hard in the States try
Australia). Keep up the good work.


I'm telling you, dude: move to America! Our politics suck and we don't have gun control, but the beer is way better!


Subject: Karady Katalin
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 11:12:07 +0100
From: "Durga" (

Hi Joe,

I saw a Karady LP on your webpage and I think it's really fun that you know and like her! First, something about her name: Katalin is her first name, Karady is her family name (though I think not her real one - but I don't remember her real name), but in Hungarian it is the other way round like in China or Japan (family name first, given name afterward), this is why there can be some confusion. In foreign languages, though, one normally turns it around, so I'd rather write of Katalin Karady in the following than of Karady Katalin, though the latter would be the correct form. (Japanese people do the same, that's why in English we say Akira Kurosawa and not Kurosawa Akira as it should be in Japanese, etc.)

Yes, Karady really was a big star in Hungary in the late 30s and in the 40s, though only for about ten years, from 1939 to 1949. Her first film (and at the same time, her first big role!) was Halalos tavasz (Deadly Spring) in 1939, where she played alongside Pal Javor, the main male star of those years. From this film on, she became THE femme fatale of Hungarian film, the mysterious and "deadly", but also a bit "masculine", dominant type (similar to Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich). Her famous song in Halalos tavasz (Ez lesz a vesztunk, mind a kettonk veszte - We are doomed because of this, both of us) also made her a famous singer, somewhat of the Marlene Dietrich type, though she never was as gifted a singer as Marlene. She was one of the few real movie stars in Hungary (a star of the Hollywood type, not just another famous actress), probably the only female one ever. Her most famous songs were: Hamvado cigarettaveg (End of a cigarette falling to ashes), Egy asszony nem sokat kivan (A woman doesn't want much), Gyulolom a vadviragos retet (I hate that meadow full of wild flowers). She emigrated to the U. S. when the communist regime began (in 1949) and I think she never made any film afterwards. (At least according to the IMDb.) This is probably why she has stayed a legend and "forever young" in our minds. Her songs were banned for several decades in Hungary, the LP you found was actually the first one since the Forties and also the one that launched a huge Karady revival around 1980. (Actress and singer Judit Hernadi even made an album in hommage of Karady in the early Eighties, where she sang tangos in her style.) Karady died in New York in 1990. Nowadays, she and her songs an films is still widely known, though of course mostly among older people. Just recently, director Peter Bacso has made a film about some episodes of her life at the end of the World War II (she reportedly had a love affair with an officer who took part in anti-Nazi activities; I think she also helped some Jews) with the title "Hamvado cigarettaveg", but I have read and heard quite bad things about it.

I hope I could help you!
(though I live in Austria, I'm Hungarian actually...)

NOTE: I've recieved several wonderfully informative e-mails about the great Hungarian torch singer, Karady Katalin, one of my best musical discoveries of the past several years. There is very little information about her available in English, and very few records. I'm pleased to pass along what I've learned, and am still looking for more information about this fascinating artist...


Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 20:44:08 -0500
From: "Wood, Sam" (

mister, your site is fabu.
i particularly like your shoot-from-the-hip assessments of the brazillian
stuff. keep it coming,

Will do...! Thanks for the kind words...


>>Sat Apr 3 08:46:16 1999
>>From: (Charles Baker II)
>>Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999 09:46:16 -0500 (EST)
>>Subject: Mailing list
>>MIME-Version: 1.0 (WebTV) >>
>>If you have a mailing list...sign me up!!

I don't, yet, but several people have asked about it. Any opinions?


Subject: possible "That Thing You Do" link?
Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 16:13:10 -0800
From: joesixpack

Hi -- I thought you might be interested in my biography of bandleader Norm Wooster, which gives some of the early background on the Play-Tone label. I have a link from my site to yours... would you be interested in setting a reciprocal link to mine?



Joe Sixpack / Slipcue.Com

Subject: Re: Informations.
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 09:41:48 -0800
From: joesixpack
To: Marco Alan Rotta []
References: 1

Marco Alan Rotta wrote:
> Hi, Joe.
> As far as I know, everything we hear and see in the
> movie is made-up by Hanks and his team. And probably
> The Norm Wooster Singers too, once that "Lovin' You
> Lots and Lots" was also written by Hanks (I guess...).
> Sincerely.
> =====
> Marco Alan Rotta
> The Wonders' Home Page

But... how is that possible? The Timi Yuro album is so good!



Date: Sun, 1 Aug 1999 23:30:16 EDT

Dear Monsieur Sixpack, First of all; allow me to state that I am clearly aware of the fact that this form of networking is not the most appropriate one... but I would honestly rather get fu**ed over by an unknown radio station executive, and only then by my managers, lawyers and such... Please do take the time to read the following, and perhaps you too will be interested in taking part.

Thank you.

My name is princess Lola. I am 21 years old, have previously been told that I'm difficult , and I front the "Alice in Lolaland" musical experience.

...About two years ago, I left my little home in the holy land of Israel and decided to practically persue a pop singing dream. I made a crappy demo, packaged it amusingly and as unsolicited as can be, magically managed to get the attention of quite a few record executives, including one major major label guy, with whom I entered into a development agreement. This led to my successful collaboration with producer Jimmy Harry, who managed to showcase- in song ,what made all those A&R guys come on to me when shopping my first demo; what keeps my band from running off with some other cute girl singer, and what makes my lawyer still take my calls today...

...And so everything was fine and good until we presented the songs to our A&R guy. To much surprise the response was not as well as expected. Apparently the context of the songs was not sticky sweet enough;and the word "kinky" was thrown around a lot regarding the visuals presented along side the music. Let's just say they were hoping I would wear pink to the photo shoots and sing in that shade as well, it's kind of a problem though, there's a point of cuteness I just don't feel comfortable crossing and regardless, I never thought I could possibly be held back by not being "Brittney Spears " enough, when I was going for a more "shirly Manson" thing to begin with. ...Which this brings us to the reason behind this letter.

I'm writing this in hope of finding someone , who would take the time to listen to my music and save me from a secure fate as a pink- waring-bullshit-singing-cute-one-hit wonder . Getting a song on the radio; by myself would put me at a comfortable position in which I could avoid the current 'pop-tart' formula (Oh,the horror!) and maintain some integrity (Oh, the joy..!).

I have already learned the all important industry guidelines. I know the better connected you are ,the better off you are (and that this might not be the way to do it), and I know that its mostly about money and not about the art (and so yes, I am cute and barely legal ), and I know that at my position one should really try to do what they're told (and so I should probably shut up.). Yes I am clearly aware, But I have to try .

If I managed to get you convinced that I am the material of which young pop starlets are actually made of... or rather just sparked your curiosity, Please do contact me for a copy of the songs, bio ,pix and such.

Regardless your decision, thanx for taking the time to read this.

Humbly yours;
Princess Lola.

NYC NY 1009





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