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Universally acknowledged as the queen mother of the Scottish indie scene, Glaswegian pop pioneer Sheena Easton hovers like a beacon over all the fabulous bands that came in her wake. From the lavish arrangements of the Pastels to the sweet vocals of bis, the debt is clear.

"Och, aye!" remarks cultural scholar Amnot Ferreel. "'Twas Sheena who showed us all how tae snub the corporate monster, how na' tae get sucked intae their mooney-grubbin' game. If she hadna' been there ferst, I doubt there'd a been mooch of a scene at all. Probably just coontry bands an' strip shoows. Sheena made us wha we are tadae."


The Official Sheena Easton Homepage tells the story of Sheena's rough-and-tumble struggle through the UK pub rock scene, and how she followed her own unique creative muse. A memorable and touching saga.

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