Paul Overstreet was one of the most successful Nashville songwriters of the 1980s and '90s, crafting hits such as "Forever And Ever, Amen" and "On The Other Hand" (two chart-toppers by Randy Travis), "Love Can Build A Bridge" (The Judds) and Kenny Chesney's "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy." As a solo performer, Overstreet racked up several Top Ten hits of his own; in addition to his solo career, he was also part of the trio SKO (along with fellow songwriters Thom Schuyler and Fred Knobloch). In his later work, Overstreet has concentrated on Christian music, released independently on his own Scarlet Moon record label. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Paul Overstreet "The Best Of Paul Overstreet" (RCA, 1993)
A distillation of tracks from two albums, Sowin' Love, from 1988, and Heroes, from 1990, with a solitary track from 1992's Love Is Strong. Overstreet is a soft-edged, almost folky crooner, with delicate arrangements and a thin, gentle voice -- kinda picking up where Don Williams left off. Sentimental themes, and decent, satisfying songs.

Discography - Albums

Paul Overstreet "Paul Overstreet" (RCA, 1982) (LP)

Schuyler, Knobloch & Overstreet "SKO" (MTM, 1986)
The trio of Thom Schuyler, J. Fred Knobloch and Paul Overstreet, three successful songwriters, combined in a would-be supergroup. After recording this album, Overstreet went on to a very successful solo career...

Paul Overstreet "Sowin' Love" (RCA, 1988)

Paul Overstreet "Heroes" (RCA, 1990)

Paul Overstreet "Love Is Strong" (RCA, 1992)

Paul Overstreet "Time" (Scarlet Moon, 1995)

Paul Overstreet "A Songwriter's Project, v.1" (Scarlet Moon, 1999)

Paul Overstreet "Living By The Book" (Scarlet Moon, 2001)
A Christian country album...

Paul Overstreet "Christmas: My Favorite Time Of The Year" (Scarlet Moon, 2001)
(For more Christmas music, check out my Hillbilly Holiday guide...)

Paul Overstreet "Forever And Ever Amen" (Scarlet Moon, 2005)
Available through Overstreet's own website,

Paul Overstreet "Something For The Road" (Scarlet Moon, 2008)

Paul Overstreet "My Favorite Demos I" (Scarlet Moon, 2010)

Paul Overstreet "My Favorite Demos II" (Scarlet Moon, 2010)

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