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Carlos Malta portrait Flautist Carlos Malta worked for years as a player in the international Braz-jazz scene, in bands led by Hermeto Pascoal, Egberto Gismonti and others. With his own band, Pifes Mudernos, he has explored some of the most arresting regional music of Brazil, bringing the Amazonian pife flute to a new level of artistry. Here's a quick look at his work...


Carlos Malta E Pife Muderno "Carlos Malta E Pife Muderno" (Rob Digital, 1999)
The highly distinctive pife is a kind of traditional Amazonian flute that got a big boost in the early '70s when tropicalia superstars Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso worked it into their pop and experimental albums. Carlos Malta's modest ensemble plays a sharply honed, dynamic update of this hyperactive style of pipering, touching on the work of MPB and jazz composers such as Veloso, Edu Lobo, Hermeto Pascoal and Joao do Vale, who all turned at various points to traditional sources for inspiration. Younger new artists such as rockers Pedro Luis and Lenine are also brought into the fold, guesting on a couple of tracks. This mostly instrumental album has a striking sound, but like Andean flute music -- its closest relative -- it can get a little static sounding, and is best taken in small doses. Worth checking out, though!

Carlos Malta "Instrumental No CCBB" (Tom Brasil, 1993)

Carlos Malta & Daniel Pezzotti "Rainbow" (1995)

Carlos Malta "O Escultor Do Vento" (1998)

Carlos Malta "Jeitinho Brasiliero" (Malandro, 1998)

Carlos Malta & Quarteto De Cordas "Pixinguinha -- Alma E Corpo" (2000)

Carlos Malta "Pimenta" (2000)

Carlos Malta & Coreto Urbano "Tudo Coreto" (Rob Digital, 2002)

Carlos Malta "Paru" (Delira Musica, 2006)

Carlos Malta/Celia Malheiros/Thomas Clausen "After The Carnaval" (Stunt Records, 2009)
A jazzy set by a threesome going by the name of tRIO... Pianist Thomas Clausen, flautist Carlos Malta and singer/guitarist Celia Malheiros... Elegant and sugary, but not saccharine or false. Certainly worth a spin if you like the mellower stuff...


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