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Mauricio Einhorn portrait Mauricio Einhorn is one of Brazil's preeminient gaita (harmonica) virtuosos (along with Edu de Gaita and Rildo Hora) as well as one of Brazil's best-known jazz players. In addition to copious session work, he has recorded several solo albums, which we can take a quick look at here...


Mauricio Einhorn & Baden Powell "Tempo Feliz" (Forma, 1966)
(Produced by Roberto Quartin)

Okay, so, like, this is the album where it's finally cemented in my mind that "gaita" means "harmonica" in Portuguese. Guitarist Baden Powell teams up with harmonicat Mauricio Einhorn and jazzish producer Roberto Quartin for a fairly lush set that raises the ugly spectre of the "easy listening" rubric. Folks who are drawn to all things loungerific may dig this disc and its bossa-gone-cutesy breeziness... But for the rest of us, particularly those who were drawn to Powell for his more transcendent, magical qualities, this seems like a poor use of his talents, and an odd pairing of artists. There are moments of grace and magic, and even a few beautiful songs, but by and large the arrangements are undistinguished, and the concept is flawed: Powell wasted his time making this album; I suppose it's a matter of personal preference as to whether you would be wasting yours listening to it.

Mauricio Einhorn "Me" (Clam, 1979) (LP)
(Arranged by Nelson Ayres)

I have to confess, I have a hard time taking the harmonica seriously as a jazz instrument, but if you are willing to go there with Einhorn, this disc is about as good as the style gets. The backing is solid and the arrangements are relatively vigorous -- soft jazz with funk/fusion overtones -- and arranger Nelson Ayres distinguishes himself with his keyboard work. Other notable musicians include Einhorn's frequent collaborator Sebastiao Tapajos on guitar, funkster Marku Ribas on percussion and occasional vocals, and Paulo Braga playing drums on a couple of tracks. Overall, I'd class this as more "jazz" than "Brazilian," and I can certainly see many jazz fans getting a kick out of this one. Mellow, classy and smooth, though not really my personal cup of tea.

Mauricio Einhorn & Sebastiao Tapajos "Mauricio Einhorn & Sebastiao Tapajos" (Barclay, 1984) (LP)

Mauricio Einhorn "Instrumental No CCBB" (1993)

The Joe Carter Quartet "Um Abraco No Rio" (Empathy, 1996)

Mauricio Einhorn & Zimbo Trio "Musica Viva" (1966)

Mauricio Einhorn/Altamiro Carrilho/Gilson Peranzzettta/Sebastiao Tapajos "Encontro De Solistas" (MoviePlay/Ovacao, 1996)

Mauricio Einhorn "Conversa De Amigos" (Delira Musica, 2002)

Mauricio Einhorn "Conversa De Amigos, v.2" (Delira, 2007)

Mauricio Einhorn "Travessuras" (Delira, 2007)


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