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Jerry Adriani portrait Jerry Adriani was a star of Brazil's teen-oriented 1960's jovem guarda rock scene... Although his style was on the softer side, he was friends with rock'n'roll wild man Raul Seixas, and was a major interpreter of Seixas's work. Here's a quick look at his career...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Jerry Adriani "As Melhores" (Columbia, 2002)
Vintage soft-pop/rock from one of the original artists in the 1960s jovem guarda teenpop scene. The liner notes don't mention specific dates, but I'd guess, from the sound of things, that these recordings date from roughly 1967-76, with some light go-go-ish rock, a few later tunes that have heavy, fuzzed-out electric guitars, and tons of sappy love ballads in between. Adriani's voice is fairly blunt and declarative, and doesn't do much to lift these songs above their kitschy trappings. The music's mostly pretty florid, and seldom as lively or interesting as contemporaries such as Roberto Carlos or Wanderlea. But as samplers of his work go, this Adriani collection seems pretty representative.

Jerry Adriani "20 Super Sucessos, v.1" (Polydisc, 1997)

Jerry Adriani "20 Super Sucessos, v.2" (Polydisc, 1997)
Likewise, this best-of set seems to mainly contain songs of later vintage, and has little in it that's particularly exciting or fresh. Adriani was far too technically "clean" and professional-sounding a singer to bring much life to the rock music he recorded, and the slower ballads are just horrible. I dunno; it sounds too corny for me.

Jerry Adriani "20 Super Sucessos, v.3" (Polydisc, 1997)

Jerry Adriani "Maxximum" (Sony-BMG, 2005)

Discography - Best-Ofs

Jerry Adriani "Italianissimo" (CBS, 1964)
Although he was born in Sao Paulo, Adriani's first two albums were sung in Italian, as were several of his later records... This is his first album, released as the jovem guarda scene was entering its peak.

Jerry Adriani "Credi A Mi" (CBS, 1964)

Jerry Adriani "Um Grande Amor" (CBS, 1965)

Jerry Adriani "Devo Tudo A Voce" (CBS, 1966)

Jerry Adriani "Dedicado A Voce" (CBS, 1967)

Jerry Adriani "Vivendo Sem Voce" (CBS, 1967)

Jerry Adriani "Esperando Voce" (CBS, 1968)

Jerry Adriani "Jerry Adriani" (CBS, 1969)

Jerry Adriani "Jerry" (CBS, 1970)

Jerry Adriani "Jerry Adriani" (CBS, 1971)

Jerry Adriani "Jerry" (CBS, 1972)

Jerry Adriani "Jerry Adriani" (CBS, 1973)

Jerry Adriani "Jerry Adriani" (CBS, 1975)

Jerry Adriani "Jerry Adriani" (CBS, 1977)

Jerry Adriani "Jerry Adriani" (CBS, 1980)

Jerry Adriani "Pra Lembrar De Nos Dois" (1983)

Jerry Adriani "Outra Vez Coracao" (1986)

Jerry Adriani "Parece Que Foi Ontem" (1989)

Jerry Adriani "Doce Aventura" (1992)

Jerry Adriani "Elvis Vive" (Eldorado, 1995)

Jerry Adriani "Radio Rock Romance" (1996)

Jerry Adriani "Io" (1997)

Jerry Adriani "Forza Sempre" (Universal-Indie, 1999)
Italian-language covers of Legiao Urbana songs...(!)

Jerry Adriani "Tudo Me Lembra Voce" (Universal-Indie, 2000)

Jerry Adriani "Acustico Ao Vivo" (2009)
A concert album that includes tributes to Raul Seixas and Elvis Presley...


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