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Welcome to my film review section! This is an offshoot of the sprawling pop culture website, Slipcue.Com, which is also devoted to music reviews and other amusing tidbits.

Admittedly, movie reviews are a little out of my field of expertise, seeing as how I'm mainly known as a music reviewer... But I like movies too, and I guess I watch a lot of films so it seemed to make sense to start writing about them as well. I'm just an opinionated amateur; for real film reviews pick up an old Pauline Kael collection, or a new copy of the Movie Hound Guide.

I'm really not a big film buff, or much of a movie geek at all, but hopefully my picks, pans and kooky asides will be useful or amusing, and won't seem too high-falutin' or absurd... Plus, if I start a list now, maybe I won't keep renting the same old films by accident every once in a while...

Here are some of the features in my film section:

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