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Zut alors! Zere ees zo much more to know about zees musique zen I can tell you... Zo, here are ze links to many other helpful sites... Please feel free to let me know of others zat you would recommend.


Chanson Links

  • Odile Lavault, of the Baguette Quartette, has posted an excellent list of recommended records... More comprehensive and knowledgable than mine, I would hazard to say...

  • Here is kind of a complicated musical explanation of musette accordeon playing -- very concrete and descriptive. If I were not so musically illiterate, I am sure I'd "get" more of this excellent article.

  • is a commercial website that has another rather brainy explanation of musette music, it's history and social context, etc...

  • Finally, here's an article I wrote about the Baguette Quartette that gets a little into the history of musette... It might also be of interest.

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