With one of the weirdest careers ever in country music, Mississippi native Jimmy Ellis (1945-1998) bore a strong vocal similarlity to Elvis Presley and, after Presley's death, he was recruited by Sun Records' owner Shelby Singleton to record a string of albums that capitalized on the conspiracy theory rumors that Elvis was, in fact, still alive. Ellis took up the stage name Orion, greased up his hair Elvis-style, and wore a spangled golden mask to conceal his "real" identity. Orion wasn't just an Elvis impersonatory -- he recorded plenty of new material -- but a mystique was created around him that maybe he was a continuation of "the legend" of Elvis Presley, Elvis recording under a phony name, after having faked his own death. The semi-hoax went on for years until Ellis finally unmasked and walked away from the act... although he returned to the Orion character a decade later, in order to revive his career. Here's a quick look at his, uh, their, career...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Orion "The Man Who Would Be King: The Best Of Orion" (Varese Sarbande, 2002)

Orion "Some Think He Might Be King Elvis" (1994)

Orion "Who Was That Masked Man?" (Bear Family, 1999)
A 4-CD box set(!)

Discography - Albums

Orion "Reborn" (Charity, 1978) (LP)
The debut album by "Orion," which was re-released a year later, after Sun Records signed him... (Again!)

Jimmy Ellis "By Request, Ellis Sings Elvis" (Boblo, 1978) (LP)

Orion "Reborn" (Sun, 1979) (LP)

Orion "Sunrise" (Sun, 1979)

Orion "Country" (Sun, 1980) (LP)

Orion "Rockabilly" (Sun, 1980)

Orion "Glory" (Sun, 1980) (LP)

Orion "Fresh" (Sun, 1981) (LP)

Orion "Feelings" (Sun, 1981) (LP)

Jimmy Ellis "20 All Time Favorites" (Suffolk, 1981)

Jimmy Ellis "New Beginnings" (Aron, 1986)

Jimmy Ellis "Holiday Tribute To The King" (Kardina, 1997)

Jimmy Ellis "A Christmas Filled With Love" (Kardina, 1997)


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