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Patricia Marx  portrait Brazilian pop/soul singer Patricia Marx started out singing children's music as part of a group called Clube Da Crianca... She moved into mainstream pop in the early 1990s and made her mark as a modern-day R&B/MPB artist. Not my cup of tea, but apparently she has her fans. Let's take a look...

Discography - Best-Of

Patricia Marx "Millennium" (Universal, 2002)
For the most part, this is pretty terrible. Soft pop with few redeeming or interesting qualities, taken from her 1994-98 stint on the Lux label. There are some fairly abysmal soul songs as well, including covers of Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" and "Never Can Say Goodbye," as well as some homegrown soul from Carlos Dafe, Tim Maia and others. Although this best-of is a really awful record, the disc opens with a couple of nice live duets, one with Marcos Valle, off the Casa Do Samba concert album, and a forro-tinged tune recorded with Nando Cordel... She's okay on these songs, but the rest of the record is wretchedly bad.

Discography - Albums

Clube Da Crianca "Clube Da Crianca" (1984)
Marx made her debut as part of the cast of the kids' show, Clube Da Crianca, along with ex-porn star Xuxa, who became a superstar as a childrens' entertainer. Not sure if this is available on CD; doesn't seem to be in the United States, at least.

Trem Da Alegria "Trem Da Alegria" (RCA, 1985)
This band was a spinoff of Clube Da Crianca; Xuxa would sing on a song or two per album, with Patricia and company (with guest stars) singing the rest. All these albums have the same name, and are difficult to sort out: but do you really care all that much?

Trem Da Alegria "Trem Da Alegria" (RCA, 1986)

Trem Da Alegria "Trem Da Alegria" (RCA, 1987)

Patricia Marx "Paty" (RCA Ariola/Lux, 1987)

Patricia Marx "Patrícia" (BMG Ariola/Lux, 1988)

Patricia Marx "Incertezas" (BMG Ariola/Lux, 1991)

Patricia Marx "Neoclassico" (Camerati, 1992)

Patricia Marx "Ficar Com Voce" (Lux, 1994)

Patricia Marx "Quero Mais" (Lux, 1995)

Patricia Marx "Charme Do Mundo" (Polygram, 1997)

Patricia Marx "Respirar" (Trama, 2002)
Super-mellow, downtempo electronic soul ballads, sort of in a languid, Sade-ish mode. Not my cup of tea, really, and not as engaging or as stylistically adventurous as other Trama releases. But if you just want some relaxing makeout music, sung in another language, this might fit the bill.

Patricia Marx "Nu Soul" (Trama, 2004)

Patricia Marx "Patricia Marx" (Trama, 2004)

Patricia Marx & Bruno E "Patricia Marx & Bruno E" (Urubu Jazz, 2010)


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