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Marcos Ariel portrait Brazilian pianist Marcos Ariel is known as much as a composer and arranger as a performer... He's a little more in the soft-jazz camp than the stuff I like, but for folks who dig that kind of thing, he's one of the tops in his field. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography: As An Artist

Marcos Ariel "Bambu" (1981)

Marcos Ariel "Terra Do Indio" (Warner Latina, 1988)

Marcos Ariel & Justo Almario "Rhapsody In Rio" (Nova, 1991)

Marcos Ariel "Hand Dance" (Nova, 1992)

Marcos Ariel "My Only Passion" (Paras, 1999)

Marcos Ariel "Magic Eyes" (Paras, 2000)

Marcos Ariel "Piano Com Tom Jobim" (Rob Digital, 2001)

Marcos Ariel & Jean Pierre Zanella "Diplomatie" (Rob Digital, 2004)
Soft jazz, with a Brazilian tint...

Marcos Ariel "Conversa Con Os Anjos" (Rob Digital, 2004)

Marcos Ariel "... And Tigres Da Lapa" (Rob Digital, 2005)

Marcos Ariel "4 Friends" (Rob Digital, 2007)

Marcos Ariel "Alone With Jobim" (Tenure, 2008)


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