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Hi... If you're in a band, or working for a record label or book publisher, please feel free to send review materials to the address below. Slipcue will consider any releases for review, although we can only respond to tracking requests as time allows.

The Slipcue website is updated constantly, reviewing new releases in the Americana, World Music, Pop and Jazz genres. Books, movies and periodicals are also reviewed, but less frequently than the music-related items. Whenever appropriate, Slipcue will set direct links to artist and label websites, useful fan sites, and to, which is actually a pretty cool company.

PLEASE NOTE: All commercial propositions -- partnerships, contests, promotional campaigns, etc. -- are unwelcome, and will be reported as spam to the appropriate Internet ISPs.

If you have questions regarding our submissions policy, please feel free to e-mail me, although this page pretty much explains it all. Thanks for checking the Slipcue website out... and be sure to tell all your pals about us!

Joe Sixpack
P.O. Box 5667
Berkeley, CA 94705-0667

joesixpack AT slipcue (dot) com

(Sorry, you'll have to spell the address out yourself... I've been slammed with a ton of spam, and had to take the actual link off my site, so I could try and stop some of it. See how a few bad eggs can spoil the fun for the rest of us? Anyway, please feel free to write.., sorry about the extra keystrokes...)