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I was born in a log cabin, and raised on the Beatles, border radio, Van Morrison and my parent's classical music collection. I've been listening to country music since I was four (if Charlie Rich and Lynn Anderson really count...) and started playing the stuff on the radio in 1986. Once upon a time I was working in radio, as the Music Director of KALX 90.7FM, and as the Country Music Director for Now I are a writer.

My websites, Slipcue and ReadThatAgain are devoted respectively to some of my musical interests and to children's books, with some humorous writing and movie reviews tucked away somewhere in there as well... The Slipcue site was started in 1998 and evolved into a semi-comprehensive resource for info on Brazilian music and all kinds of country, including an extensive section on Nashville Top 40, which is often sneered at by indie-hipster types, but has some good stuff to offer. (One of the reasons I took my corporate radio gig in the '00s was so I could sneer at Top 40 country more effectively... I'm still snobby, but at least I'm a better-informed snob now.)

That's probably as much as anyone would ever need to or want to know about me... Hope you enjoy my websites and tell all your friends... And don't forget to visit my revolutionary startup venture, CyberSmell: if you know any venture capitalists who want to back a mind-altering online experience, send them a link, too!

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