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Your comments and suggestions are welcome, particularly suggestions for artists or albums I might have missed. Other types of twang are reviewed elsewhere in my Hick Music Guide.

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Trailer Choir "Tailgate" (Show Dog, 2010)
(Produced by Toby Keith & Mark Wright)

Bland, ultra-generic, pop-country stuff, meant to be party music and radio background music, although I find it hard to imagine anybody getting excited about this album... Still, Nashville being what it is, they had their fans. Apparently the plus-size lead singer, Vinny Hickerson (aka Big Vinnie) was a contestant on "The Biggest Loser" weight-loss contest TV show... Whatever. This squeaky clean, poppy album yielded a few modestly successful singles, though only one cracked the Top Forty. I'll pass.

Diana Trask "Miss Country Soul" (Dot, 1969) (LP)

Diana Trask "From The Heart" (Dot, 1969) (LP)

Diana Trask "Diana's Country" (Dot, 1971) (LP)

Diana Trask "Sings About Loving" (Dot, 1972) (LP)

Diana Trask "It's A Man's World" (Dot, 1973) (LP)
(Produced by Norris Wilson)

Yeesh. This Aussie-born filly did some passably twangy material before this (wish I still had those early albums as reference), but this mix of overbaked countrypolitan and outright showtunes-y vocals is really cluttered and clunky. I mean, it has it's moments, but there's nothing I'd go back to to listen to for fun... It's just a little too mannered and densely constructed. Nothing special.

Diana Trask "Lean It All On Me" (ABC/Dot, 1974) (LP)

Diana Trask "Greatest Hits" (ABC/Dot, 1974) (LP)

Diana Trask "The Mood I'm In" (ABC/Dot, 1975) (LP)

Diana Trask "Believe Me Now Or Believe Me Later" (ABC/Dot, 1976) (LP)

Randy Travis - see artist discography

Rick Trevino "Dos Mundos" (Columbia, 1993)

Rick Trevino "Rick Trevino" (Columbia, 1994)
(Produced by Steve Buckingham)

A nice, cheerfully twangy album, set squarely in the poppy, upbeat "young country" mould that was so popular at the time... There are a couple of Marty Stuart tunes, oldies like Bill Anderson's "Walk Out Backwards," and a few blechhy ballads. Trevino's not a great singer or anything, but he's likeable and enthusiastic, and he does fine, depending on what kind of material he's given. Of course, I prefer the more traditional-sounding stuff -- both because it's better music and because it brings out Trevino's strengths. Alties may be interested to see a song on here written by Todd Snider ("She Just Left Me Lounge"), and Stuart's "It Only Hurts When I Laugh" is a nice blast of robust, Buck Owens-styled honkytonk pop. The label seemed to have been banking on the shoddy, simplistic "Just Enough Rope" as the hit single, having produced it both as an English-language and a bilingual track. As it turned out, that tune fell short of cracking the Top Forty, but the album still produced a couple of Top Fivers, so all was not lost. All in all, a pretty nice debut!

Rick Trevino "Looking For The Light" (Columbia, 1995)
(Produced by Steve Buckingham & Blake Chancey)

There's some really fun stuff on here. Trevino excels at upbeat honkytonk novelty material, and there are several winners on here, including the album's opener, "Full Deck Of Cards," a nice version of Jim Lauderdale's "She Used To Say That To Me," and a cover of an obscure Merle Haggard song, "Poor, Broke, Mixed-Up Mess Of A Heart." On the slower numbers, Trevino falters, as his voice isn't exactly the most elastic instrument, and the more commercial, power-ballad style songs drag this album down a little. The hard stuff is nice, though -- it's kind of like getting half of Tracy Byrd, without the pop side working out as well. Worth checking out.

Rick Trevino "Un Rayo De Luz" (Columbia, 1995)
The Spanish-language version of the Looking For The Light album... Cool, huh?

Rick Trevino "Learning As You Go" (Columbia, 1996)
(Produced by Steve Buckingham & Doug Johnson)

Much, much more commercial sounding and generic than his previous album, this disc pushes Trevino almost exclusively in a softer, poppier direction. To their credit, produers Steve Buckingham and Doug Johnson do manage to frame his voice far more effectively for this kind of material than on earlier albums, and if you like gooey commercial ballads, this ain't a bad album. About halfway through a few songs emerge that might please hard country fans as well, but for the most part this is a soft Nashville album, with Trevino pulling a Clint Black move on us. I personally miss the hard country honkytonk, but nobody ever listens to me about this kind of thing... And, naturally, Trevino's biggest career hit was one of those goopy songs on here! Go figure.

Rick Trevino "Mi Vida Eres Tu" (Columbia, 1996)

Rick Trevino "Corazon De Rick Trevino" (Columbia, 2001)
A best-of collection of his Spanish-language material from the last few albums...

Rick Trevino "Mi Son" (Vanguard, 2001)

Rick Trevino "In My Dreams" (Warner Brothers, 2003)
(Produced by Raul Malo)

Rick Trevino "Whole Town Blue" (Warner Brothers, 2011)

Trick Pony "Trick Pony" (Warner Brothers, 2001)

Trick Pony "On A Mission" (Warner Brothers, 2003)

Trick Pony "R.I.D.E." (Asylum-Curb, 2005)

Trick Pony "The Best Of Trick Pony" (Warner Brothers, 2009)

Travis Tritt - see artist discography

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