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Terri Gibbs "The Best Of Terri Gibbs" (MCA, 1985)
Amazingly, even though she was a pretty huge star in the early 1980s radioscape, singer-pianist Terri Gibbs has all but dropped off the face of the planet, as far as the availability of her music goes. This best-of set is the only best-of set that ever came out on CD(!), at least so far. I'm guessing that either she ruffled some major feathers when she turned to Christian pop, or maybe that after she left the pop world, she put a block on her old hits staying in print. Or, maybe the public tastes just changed, and her brand of slick, synthy country-pop just isn't of interest anymore. At any rate, Gibbs' music is mysteriously hard to find these days... I don't expect that'll last forever, though.

Terri Gibbs "Somebody's Knockin' " (MCA, 1981) (LP)

Terri Gibbs "I'm A Lady" (MCA, 1981) (LP)

Terri Gibbs "Some Days It Rains All Night Long" (MCA, 1982) (LP)

Terri Gibbs "Over Easy" (MCA, 1983) (LP)

Terri Gibbs "Old Friends" (Warner, 1985) (LP)

Terri Gibbs "Turnaround" (Canaan, 1987) (LP)

Terri Gibbs "Comfort The People" (Canaan, 1988)

Terri Gibbs "What A Great Day" (Morning Gate, 1990)

Don Gibson - see artist discography

The Gibson/Miller Band "Where There's Smoke" (Epic, 1992)
(Produced by Doug Johnson & Bill Miller)

Dave Gibson and Bill Miller had a handful of modest hits, most of which are on this disc. "High Rollin'," which kicks off the album, was their only song to crack the Top Twenty; everything else was tucked away further down the charts... They were likeable enough, though, with a formulaic but palpably hearftfelt blend of Southern rock and hard-ish country... Confederate Railroad, Travis Tritt and ZZ Top come to mind as touchpoints, and while some songs are a little too safe-sounding, others might get your toes tapping. Worth checking out, but mostly if you're on the Southern/Country tip to begin with...

The Gibson/Miller Band "Red, White & Blue Collar" (Epic, 1994)

Brantley Gilbert "Modern Day Prodigal" (Valory Music, 2009/2011)
(Produced by Brantley Gilbert & Jeremy Medkiff)

Songwriter Brantley Gilbert is one of those dudes who's had a real up-and-down relationship with Music City. This album was originally scheduled for release in 2006, but got shelved for a few years until it came out on the independent Average Joe's, and was finally picked up by the Valory label for more mainstream distribution. Nutty, huh?

Brantley Gilbert "Halfway To Heaven" (Average Joe's Entertainment, 2010)

Vince Gill - see artist discography

Mickey Gilley - see artist discography

Billy Gilman "One Voice" (Epic, 2000)
(Produced by Blake Chancey, Don Cook & David Malloy)

Awwww... a 12-year old kiddie country crooner. Iddn't dat cute? It's Nashville's answer to Hanson...! Or... Donny Osmond, even. As a singer, Gilman has remarkable control of his phrasing, and even a degree of expressiveness that belies his years... However, he founders on romantic ballads (just too young), and his style is too derivative of the Whitney Houston/Star Search/American Idol soul school to be taken credibly as true country music. His perky spins around pop oldies such as "Little Bitty Pretty One" and "Little Things" are cheery enough. The title track, an inspirational religious ballad, is the album's creative centerpiece, but if you ain't on either that wavelength, or into the novelty act aspect, there really isn't much going on here that will stick to your ribs.

Billy Gilman "Classic Christmas" (Sony-Epic, 2000)
(Produced by Blake Chancey, Don Cook & David Malloy)

Yeesh. Yeesh. Yeesh. And anyway, whatever happened to Billy Gilman...? Did his voice change or something? Anyway, the kid was all of twelve years old when this album came out, and for a child star, his phrasing and vocal control are impressive (I guess...) but honestly, he's just too young to put much sincere emotion into any of these songs -- it's just a well-produced, glitzy "Star Search"-ish pop outing, too cutesy by half. And not very "country," either... Sounds more like like Harry Connick, Jr. than Hank Williams.

Billy Gilman "Dare To Dream" (Epic, 2001)
(Produced by Blake Chancey, Don Cook & David Malloy)

It seems a bit odd saying that this album has more "depth" than his debut: both are super-fluffy, and popped-out prefab in a way that I find extremely tacky, and unlistenably soulless. Yet, be that as is may, this is a better produced album -- the arrangements are more complex, the mix is more textured, Gilman seems slightly more sophisticated as a singer. He's still too young and emotionally inexperienced to really carry these tunes, but there's less emphasis on his cutesy novelty status, and more songs that give him at least the opportunity to appear as more of a vocalist and less of a post-Millennial Shirley Temple. Still, I don't think this really works as music -- I'd like to wait until the kid's voice changes and he makes his first album as a young adult, and reserve final judgment until then. Check back with me in the year 2009...

Billy Gilman "Music Through Heartsongs" (Epic, 2003)

Billy Gilman "Everything And More" (Image Entertainment, 2005)
(Produced by Sandy Linzer)

...Well, okay, how about 2005? After the novelty wore off, Gilman faded from sight for several years, sorting out what he characterizes as personal doubts... On his return disc, as a full-fledged adolescent, Gilman unveils his new voice, still youthful and thin, but presumably settled down after breaking with puberty, with a range that places him squarely in the Emerson Drive-ish boy band style... He's also found religion: although there are some good secular songs on here, the album is preponderantly inspirational and perhaps we can assume that religion helped Gilman sort out the pressures associated with being so famous so young in life. The opening track, a secular love song called "Something To Do With That," shows Gilman is top form, and could easily make it into the charts, even if the rest of the album is very pop and not very country. Even if a mainstream commercial comeback isn't in the offing, I'm sure he'll find an eager audience among faith-based listeners. Fans of his old albums will not be disappointed.

Billy Gilman "Billy Gilman" (Image Entertainment, 2008)
(Produced by Sandy Linzer)

Billy Gilman "My Time On Earth" (Sony-BMG, 2007)
A collection of songs from his two Epic albums...

Girls Next Door "The Girls Next Door" (MTM, 1986) (LP)

Girls Next Door "What A Girl Next Door Could Do" (MTM, 1987)

Girls Next Door "How 'Bout Us?" (Atlantic, 1990)

Jim Glaser "Man In The Mirror" (MCA/Noble Vision, 1983)
The first solo album by Jim Glaser, younger brother of Tompall Glaser and one-third of the Glaser Brothers family band. This album includes his #1 hit, "You're Gettin' to Me Again."

Jim Glaser "Past The Point Of No Return" (MCA/Noble Vision, 1984) (LP)

Jim Glaser "Everybody Knows I'm Yours" (MCA/Noble Vision, 1985) (LP)

Jim Glaser "Me And My Dream" (Solitaire, 2003)

Tompall Glaser & The Glaser Brothers - see artist discography

Gloriana "Gloriana" (Emblem, 2009)
Hyper-poppy -- and hyper-popular -- Top-40 country featuring four-part harmonies (two guys, two gals) that are carefully sculpted to sound like a mildly twangier Fleetwood Mac. Aside from the strummy-acoustic '70s-style tunes, there are also plenty of bombastic, wall-of-sound Nashville moments, with wailing vocals atop oceanic orchestrations. Not my cup of tea? Gee, how'd you guess? The sleek sounding Fleetwood-izations are okay, but I think I'd rather just dig out an old copy of Rumors instead: this is like getting into EMF when what you really wanted was a New Order album. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that reality show gal Cheyenne Kimball is a bandmember, for what that's worth.

Gloriana "A Thousand Miles Left Behind" (Emblem, 2012)
(Produced by Matt Serletic)

Cheerful but generic country-pop from this nearly-chart-topping band... This is gentle, pleasant, catchy stuff, a set of sweet, romantic pop songs, with wistful melodies, yearning lyrics, and sugary, prefab twang. It's not quite my style but I appreciate the lack of macho posturing and phony nostalgia for a mythic small-town world, the stuff that clutters up so many other contemporary Nashville albums. Rather than beckon you back into a Mayberry filled with gun-racks, pickup trucks and empty beer bottles, Gloriana are content to ask you to gaze into a lover's eyes. Nothing wrong with that!

Danny Gokey "My Best Days" (RCA Nashville/19 Recordings, 2010)

William Lee Golden "American Vagabond" (MCA, 1986)
A solo album from William Lee Golden, a booming-voiced member of the Oak Ridge Boys...

William Lee Golden "My Life's Work" (Golden & Halsey, 2000)

Noah Gordon "I Need A Break" (Capitol, 1995)

Vern Gosdin - see artist discography

Brian Gowan "Warm Spanish Wine" (2001)
The first solo set by songwriter Brian Gowan who was half of the short-lived duo of Blake & Brian, and composer of several songs recorded by Top 40 star Rodney Atkins...

Brian Gowan "Day One" (GMG, 2005)

Brian Gowan "I Am Strong" (Designs Of Hope)
I'm not sure, but I think this was a fundraiser for a children's cancer research program... The music may also have been pitched at a younger audience...

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