Are you a George Jones guy in a Garth Brooks world? A Loretta Lynn gal trying to understand why people still call Shania Twain a "country" artist?

Well, then this website is for you! Here's your chance to read all about Nashville pop, from the late-'50s "Nashville Sound" and the "countrypolitan" scene of the '70s to today's chart-toppers and pretty-boy hat acts, seen through the lens of DJ Joe Sixpack, a hick music know-it-all with a heart of gold...

Your comments and suggestions are welcome, particularly suggestions for artists or albums I might have missed. Other types of twang are reviewed elsewhere in my Hick Music Guide.

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Red Foley - see artist discography

Colt Ford "Ride Through The Country" (Average Joe's Entertainment, 2008)

Colt Ford "Country Is As Country Does" (Average Joe's Entertainment, 2009)
A 6-song EP...

Colt Ford "Tailgate: College Football Versions, v.1" (Average Joe's Entertainment, 2009)
About four-dozen versions of the hick-hop football anthem, "Tailgate," each one with a tailormade shout-out to a different college football team. Sort of like Floyd Flowers' NFL album from a few years earlier.

Colt Ford "Tailgate: College Football Versions, v.2" (Average Joe's Entertainment, 2009)
But wait: there's more! Just in case anyone at Fresno State or Tulane felt left out.

Colt Ford "Live From Suwannee River Jam" (Average Joe's Entertainment, 2009)
A live performance...

Colt Ford "Chicken & Biscuits" (Average Joe's Entertainment, 2010)

Colt Ford "Every Chance I Get" (Average Joe's Entertainment, 2011)

Tennessee Ernie Ford - see artist discography

The Forester Sisters - see artist discography

Peggy Forman "Presenting Peggy Forman" (Dimension, 1981) (LP)

Peggy Forman "Honky Tonkin' Housewife" (GoldRhyme, 1996)

Sylvia Forrest "The Nights Are Never Long Enough With You" (Door Knob, 1989) (LP)

Foster & Lloyd - see artist discography

Jerry Foster "Looking Back" (Cinnamon, 1973) (LP)

Radney Foster - see artist discography

4 Runner "4 Runner" (Polygram, 1995)

4 Runner "Getaway Car" (Fresh Records, 2003)

Kelly Foxton & Hank Snow "Lovingly Yours" (RCA, 1980) (LP)

Kelly Foxton & Hank Snow "Win Some Lose Some Lonesome" (RCA, 1981) (LP)

Jeff Foxworthy "The Best Of Jeff Foxworthy: Double Wide And Single Minded" (Rhino, 2003)
I'm kidding, right? I mean, I'm not actually adding a review of that guy who does all those dumb "Yeww maht be uhh redneck, if..." jokes, right? The thing is, though, Foxworthy is a very funny guy... His timing is great, and his material is pretty well chosen, if also quite repetitive. That being said, this two disc set (one CD, one DVD...) is probably about as much of him as I'd ever need to hear... This set reprises a bunch of stuff from other albums, but it captures him pretty well. Worth checking out... The videos suck, though. Lip-synching to old standup routines just isn't a good idea, even if you're trying to look lame and rinky-dink.

Garland Frady "Pure Country" (Elektra/Countryside, 1973) (LP)
Singer Garland Frady had one super-minor single "The Barrooms Have Found You," in the early '70s and is perhaps best known for having worked as a bandleader for Dorsey Burnette and for Bob Luman... I'm not sure, but I think this was his only album.

Cleve Francis "Lovelight" (Self-released, 1988)

Cleve Francis "Tourist In Paradise" (Capitol, 1992)

Cleve Francis "Walkin' " (Liberty, 1993)

Cleve Francis "You've Got Me Now" (Liberty, 1994)

Cleve Francis/Various Artists "Storytime" (Self-released, 2006)

Dallas Frazier - see artist discography

Frazier River "Frazier River" (MCA, 1996)
(Produced by Mark Wright)

Poppy, guitars'n'synth country, with big crescendoes, a thumping backbeat, and a hint of Shenandoah-style group harmonies. It's regular-dude guy stuff, with nods towards Springsteen and the Eagles, and pretty-boy lead singer Daniel Frazier does alright. Doesn't do a lot for me, but I've certainly heard worse. One clever song, "She Got What She Deserves," has a snarky-sounding title, but the twist is that she gets a nice guy who'll take good care if her, and not the loser that's narrating the song. The inspirational "Heaven Is Smiling" might become a favorite for religious listeners.

Janie Fricke - see artist discography

David Frizzell - see artist discography

Lefty Frizzell - see artist discography

Micki (Fuhrman) "Angels Watching Over Me" (Canaan/Dayspring, 1980) (LP)
(Produced by Ken Harding)

In a curious career arc, singer Micki Fuhrman started out as a semi-successful regional artist, releasing an indie single while working on the Louisiana Hayride show that cracked into the country Top 100 (though just barely) and earned a contract with MCA Records that yielded another not-quite-hit in 1978. Then for a few years she recorded as a contemporary Christian/Southern artist, releasing two LPs for the Word label. She returned -- briefly -- to the world of Nashville Top 40, but never quite made a real dent in the charts. Fuhrman released an album's worth of secular singles between 1975-83, but her secular stuff has never came out on a full-length album. Maybe some day?

Micki (Fuhrman) "Look Again" (Dayspring, 1981) (LP)
(Produced by Tony Brown & David Kent)

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