Emilio Navaira portrait Tex-Mex star Emilio Navaira, did okay as a Nashville-style country Top 40 singer, but is best known for his Spanish-language recordings. He's in the habit of releasing dual albums and singles, some in English and otros en espanol, which is kind of cool, and has also mixed languages and styles within individual albums. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Albums

Emilio Navaira "Emilio Navaira y Rio Band" (1989)

Emilio Navaira "Sensaciones" (1990)

Emilio Navaira & Rio "Shoot It" (EMI, 1991)

Emilio "Unsung Highways" (Capitol, 1992)

Emilio "Shuffle Time" (1992)

Emilio "Emilio Live" (1993)

Emilio "Southern Exposure" (1993)

Emilio "Sound Life" (1994)

Emilio "Life Is Good" (Capitol, 1995)

Emilio "Quedate" (1996)

Emilio "It's On The House" (Capitol, 1997)
(Produced by Barry Beckett)

Slick commercial country -- this record kicks off with some reasonably vigorous honkytonk-pop, but soon slips into too-slick material... Overall, this is kind of an overripe album, with overproduced ballads and thick, synthetic arrangements that weigh Navaira down... But there are a few songs that hard country fans could like as well; could be worth your while, but you could also probably skip it and it'd be fine.

Emilio "A Mi Gente" (1997)

Emilio "El Rey Del Rodeo" (RCA, 2000)

Emilio "Lo Dice Tu Mirada" (RCA, 2001)

Emilio "Acuerdate" (RCA, 2002)

Emilio "Entre Amigos" (RCA, 2003)

Emilio "De Nuevo" (Universal Latino, 2007)

Emilio "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (Capitol, 1995)

Emilio "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (Capitol, 1995)


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