Cristy Lane portrait Smooth-voiced singer Cristy Lane came pretty late to the countrypolitan party, having worked on the periphery of the country mainstream for the better part of a decade before she cracked into the lower rungs of the charts in 1977... She had an appealing style, though, and became a major chart-topper of the early '80s, before dropping out of the country scene in favor of recording Christian music. Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Best-Of

Cristy Lane "Greatest Country Hits" (Collector's Choice, 2005)
Fans will be thrilled by this generously-programmed collection with her main chart hits from the late-'70s and early-'80s... It starts off with her first entry, "Tryin' To Forget About You," a song with a simple, Loretta Lynn-like sound that showed the promise Lane held out to fans of plain old, rootsy country-pop. Like so many country singers before her (and after), however, she got bit by the Pop bug, and poured on the strings and prefab arrangements... Eventually, buoyed by the success of inspirational hits such as "One Day At A Time" (her lone #1 hit) and "Footprints In The Sand" (her last chart big entry, back in '83), Christy Lane went born-again and recorded religious albums for numerous small labels. She dropped off Nashville's radar, with her country hits falling out of print for over a decade before this best-of came along. That's just one reason listeners should be happy to see this set come out: Lane's demure, down-to-earth sincerity is another -- even when the songs were kind of iffy, she still had a pretty appealing vocal presence. Worth checking out, particularly if you're curious about what happened with the latter-day countrypolitan sound.

Cristy Lane "Twenty Greatest Hits" (TeeVee, 1996)

Discography - Albums

Cristy Lane "Cristy Lane Is The Name" (LS, 1978)
As far as I can tell, all of these old albums listed below are still out of print on CD, but can be tracked down in the original vinyl editions, with a little legwork... For fans who are looking for some of Lane's non-hit material, this may be the only way to go for a while...

Cristy Lane "Love Lies" (LS, 1979)

Cristy Lane "Simple Little Words" (United Artists, 1979)

Cristy Lane "Ask Me To Dance" (Liberty, 1980)

Cristy Lane "One Day At A Time" (LS, 1981)

Cristy Lane "I Have A Dream" (Liberty, 1981)

Cristy Lane "Fragile-Handle With Care" (Liberty, 1981)

Cristy Lane "Here's To Us" (Liberty, 1982)

Cristy Lane "Amazing Grace" (Liberty, 1982)

Cristy Lane "Footprints In The Sand" (Liberty, 1983)

Cristy Lane "Christmas With Cristy" (Liberty, 1983)

Cristy Lane "Harbor Lights" (LS, 1985)

Cristy Lane "Cristy Lane Salutes The GIs Of Vietnam" (LS, 1986)

Cristy Lane "Cristy Lane At Her Best" (Liberty, 1986)

Cristy Lane "Under His Wings" (Arrival, 1986)



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