Jana Jae portrait A championship fiddler in the traditional bluegrass circuit, Jana Jae (nee Jana Greit) found success in mainstream country music as a performer on the Hee Haw TV show, and later as member of the late-1970s edition of Buck Owens' band, The Buckaroos. In recent years she has concentrated on hosting fiddle camps for up and coming talent... Here's a quick look at her work...

Discography - Albums

Jana Jae "I Love Fiddlin' " (?)

Jana Jae "The Devil You Say" (Lark, 1979)
This album is a showcase for her considerable talents, with a mix of traditional and modern styles, including some trick tunes like the birdcall imitations of "Hot Canary" and the disco-fied "Orange Blossom Very Special," which was released as a single. The album is mostly all-instrumental, with a notable exception being "The Devil Went On to Tulsa," an answer song to Charlie Daniels' big hit of a few years earlier. Backing Jae on this album are the Nashville Superpickers all-star band, with pianist Hargus Robbins, steel players Lloyd Green and Buddy Emmons, and even a latter-day edition of the Harden Trio adding vocals.

Jana Jae "Live" (Lark, 1981)

Jana Jae "By Request" (Lark, 1981)

Jana Jae "Symphony Pops" (Lark, 1982)
A country-meets-classical outing recorded with the Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra...

Jana Jae "Don't Rock The Bow" (Lark, 1999)

Jana Jae "Ashokan Farewell" (Lark, 2008)


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