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Discography -- Best-Ofs

Stonewall Jackson "The Best Of Stonewall Jackson" (Collector's Choice, 2003)
Jackson's big hits: "Waterloo," "BJ The DJ," "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo..." Plus a bunch of stuff that maybe didn't really make big dents in the charts, but still sounds pretty fun. Jackson's fans will be pleased to see such a nice, compact collection of all his best work, gathered from his peak years.

Stonewall Jackson "Waterloo" (Bear Family, 2004)
For the truly hardcore fan, this lavish, 4-CD set collects ten years worth of Jackson's recordings for the Columbia label (from 1957-67), including all his hits and much, much more. Great sound quality and an big, LP-sized booklet packed with tons of archival photos and discographical info... The hallmark of the Bear Family label!

Stonewall Jackson "The Little Darlin' Sound Of Stonewall Jackson" (Koch, 2004)
In the '70s, when his hits were getting smaller in the rearview mirror, Jackson laid down some jovial, robust songs for the independent Little Darlin' label, many with a "outlaw" feel: thumping rhythms, alcohol-drenched lyrics and a moderately coarse delivery. There are also some historical footnotes, such as the anti-OPEC anthem, "Here's To The Ripoff." Naturally, there are several re-recordings of his oldies -- "Don't Be Angry," "Leona," "Waterloo," etc. which are okay, too, although they hardly displace the originals. All in all, this is worth checking out -- not as iffy as you might imagine.

Discography -- Albums

Stonewall Jackson "The Dynamic Stonewall Jackson" (Columbia, 1959)
Jackson's best-known album, including his biggest hit, "Waterloo," which hit #1 back in 1959. Also includes a nice version of George Jones' "Life To Go," which pegged out at #2.

Stonewall Jackson "The Sadness In A Song" (Columbia, 1962)

Stonewall Jackson "I Love A Song" (Columbia, 1963)

Stonewall Jackson "Trouble And Me" (Columbia, 1965)

Stonewall Jackson "Greatest Hits" (Columbia, 1965)

Stonewall Jackson "All's Fair In Love And War" (Columbia, 1966)

Stonewall Jackson "Help Stamp Out Loneliness" (Columbia, 1967)

Stonewall Jackson "Country" (Columbia, 1967)

Stonewall Jackson "Nothing Takes The Place Of Loving You" (Columbia, 1968)

Stonewall Jackson "The Great Old Songs" (Columbia, 1968)

Stonewall Jackson "Old Country Church" (Columbia, 1969) (LP)

Stonewall Jackson "Greatest Hits, v.2" (Columbia, 1969)

Stonewall Jackson "Tribute To Hank Williams" (Columbia, 1969)

Stonewall Jackson "The Lonesome In Me" (Columbia, 1970)

Stonewall Jackson "The Real Thing" (Columbia, 1970)

Stonewall Jackson "Recorded Live At The Grand Ole Opry" (Columbia, 1971)

Stonewall Jackson "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo" (Columbia, 1971)

Stonewall Jackson "The World" (Columbia, 1972)

Stonewall Jackson "Greatest Hits" (GRT, 1976)

Stonewall Jackson "Bad Ass" (Little Darlin', 1979)

Stonewall Jackson "Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry" (First Generation, 1981)

Stonewall Jackson "Live" (Audiograph, 1983)



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