Danny Flowers portrait Songwriter Danny Flowers is best known for songs such as "Before Believing" (off Emmylou Harris' major label debut), "Gulf Coast Highway" (by Nanci Griffith) and the funky "Tulsa Time," a '70s classic which is known to rock fans from Eric Clapton's version, and as a country hit for Don Williams. Williams championed Flowers' career, helping to produce his first album, and hiring him as a session player on his albums. Here's a quick look at his work...

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Danny Flowers "The Scratch Band Featuring Danny Flowers" (MCA, 1982) (LP)
(Produced by Garth Fundis & Don Williams)

Despite the help of country star Don Williams and rising super-producer Garth Fundis, this album came out a bit of a muddle, and didn't even dent the charts. There's some slick Nashville twang, overlaid with a overly-ornate R&B-ish pop-rock arrangements and a strained feeling that underscores Flowers' weaknesses as a singer, rather than uplifts him. It's possible a more restrained style might have framed him better, but as it was, this album doesn't do much for me... The Scratch Band was a usual-suspects studio crew, including Biff Watson on keyboards, Dave Pomeroy on bass and drummer Pat McInerey slapping the skins; Don Williams also pitches in with some acoustic guitar and harmony vocals, although his quieter, more subtle sound isn't really heard on this album. The songs stretch band to '73, but don't include any of Flowers' better-known songs (a version of "Tulsa Time" would have been nice!) although they do show his range as a songwriter...

Danny Flowers "Forbidden Fruits And Vegetables" (Groove Tone, 2000)

Danny Flowers "Tools For The Soul" (Brash Music, 2007)


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