The son of singing cowboy Rex Allen, Rex Allen, Jr. was up on stage when he was barely out of diapers, perfoeming with his dad and learning the ropes of show business at a very early age. He became a Top 40 country star in his early twenties and remained a vigorous, if mid-level hitmaker througout the 1970s and early '80s. Although he started out as a more conventional country singer, he gradually began to specialize in the same sort of nostalgic "western" music as his father, singing about cowboys and horses and the open skies of the West. Here's a quick look at his work...

Discography - Best-Ofs

Rex Allen, Jr. "The Very Best Of Rex Allen, Jr." (Warner, 1994)
Rex Allen, Jr. hit the charts as a solo singer in the early '70s, crooning low against bright, modern arrangements. Only towards the end of the decade did he start letting disco-y production styles creep into his songs, which (thankfully) he retreated from fairly quickly. This is a pretty good set of sunshine country -- not really my kinda music, but if you wanted to check this fella out, this would be a fine album to try. Covers his main hits from 1973-1982, when he got dropped from Warner, and shifted to an indie label.

Discography - Albums

Rex Allen, Jr. "Today's Generation" (SSS, 1970)
An unlikely debut, this topically-oriented album was recorded at the peak of the hippie era, and features unusual arrangements (for a country album, at least: sitars, mellotron, etc.) and numerous songs that address the issues of the time: drug use, social rebellion and war protests... It's a far cry from his career to come, as a successful countrypolitan crooner, but it does show how Allen had a wider frame of reference, even so early in his career.

Rex Allen, Jr. "Another Goodbye Song" (Warner, 1973) (LP)

Rex Allen, Jr. "Ridin' High" (Warner, 1976)

Rex Allen, Jr. "Rex" (Warner, 1977)

Rex Allen, Jr. "The Best Of Rex" (Warner, 1977)

Rex Allen, Jr. "Brand New" (Warner, 1978) (LP)

Rex Allen, Jr. "Me And My Broken Heart" (Warner, 1979) (LP)

Rex Allen, Jr. "Oklahoma Rose" (Warner, 1980) (LP)

Rex Allen, Jr. "The Cat's In The Cradle" (Warner, 1981) (LP)

Rex Allen, Jr. "The Singing Cowboy" (Warner, 1982) (LP)

Rex Allen, Jr. "On The Move" (Moonshine, 1984)

Rex Allen, Jr. & Rex Allen, Sr. "The Singing Cowboys" (Warner Brothers, 1995)

Rex Allen, Jr. "Songs I Wrote" (BPR, 2009)

Rex Allen, Jr. "It's Finally Christmas" (2009)


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